Sunday, 9 September 2007

First Class Treatment - But not if your British

When are you going to fight for your rightful place at the head of the queue?

IMMIGRANTS who can't speak English are being sent to the FRONT of NHS out-patient queues...while locals are left waiting in clinics for hours.

Patients who need interpreters are being given priority by hospital trusts—because bosses reckon it's cheaper than having costly translators hanging about.

It means that at busy times non-English speakers are instantly shunted to the front of the queue.

But the policy has infuriated patients' groups, who claim it shows ordinary Britons are being discriminated against.


So there you have it. Official. You and your family are second class citizens when it comes to getting treatment from a service that you and your family have paid for.

How much longer are you going to allow yourself to be shunted to the back of a queue whilst babbling people who have contributed nothing to Our Country get preferential treatment?

When are you going to realise that if you want justice, then you and only you can make it happen. You must ditch your old loyalties to political parties that care more about immigrants then you or your children. You must support and join the British National Party. Only by being a member or supporter can we win back our places in the queue.

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