Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Heworth Without By-Election

Only the BNP can restore democracy to this room

A casual vacancy has occured in the Heworth Without Ward. The following persons have been nominated to stand in the election, which will take place on Thursday 6 September 2007:

* AYRE Nigel John, Liberal Democrat
* EVERETT Charles Dixon, Green Party
* KNIGHT, Michaela Susan, British National Party
* SINCLAIR, Adam Michael, The Conservative Party Candidate
* WELLS, Margaret, The Labour Party Candidate

The following press release was issued by Michaela. We wish her the best.
  • "I was born and bred in York. I work full-time in the corporate sector and I am a mother of two young children.
  • "It is a privilege to both represent the British National Party, and to stand as a candidate in Heworth Without.
  • "If elected, there are many problems that I would work to solve.
  • "I want to see a crackdown on local feral youths who make decent peoples' lives a misery.
  • "I will fight the proposed Derwenthorpe development tooth and nail. This development will concrete over our green space and will only end up making traffic congestion worse and put more strain on local services.
  • "The only reason we need so many more houses is because of uncontrolled immigration.
  • "I want to also see a return to weekly rubbish collections. Why should council tax go up as services go down?
  • "Additionally, parents should be able to view the Sex Offenders' Register."
If you are interested in what the other candidates have to say, then you can read their statements here. If you have the time, then register and leave a message of support for Michaela in the comments section.

One interesting thing here is the British National Party's candidate plan to bring back weekly rubbish collections. This I believe is a much better idea than the councils current policy of planting trees in Malawi instead of collecting rubbish.

If you live in Heworth Without, the choice is simple. Vote BNP to get your rubbish picked up weekly or vote for Rubbish to plant trees in Malawi. No doubt Heworth Councilors would welcome a taxpayer funded trip to plant them.

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Aberdeen Patriot said...

Done and dusted Green and a commentim the only one so we need more to offer support.