Saturday, 22 September 2007

The game is off lads

If you say so 'Dear'. Now what time is last post?

I have a busy day in front of me. Haven't we all. But I thought I would find just a little stocking filler to either amuse or outrage the increasingly cynical, seen it all troops who tend to visit this sad site.

Where should I go? I can surf the world. Unlike Boris Johnson and that excuse for a creature, Liebour councillor, Bob Piper. Both who as part of a clampdown on freedom of speech had their sites closed for awhile due to some other site upsetting the Uzbek billionaire and Arsenal shareholder Alisher Usmanov. You can read about that here. Damn right money talks.

Well I wound up in that part of the world whose name translates to the name of water underground. And don't some people wish the entire countries population were underground also. I of course, could not possibly comment.

Yep. Your Arabic is flawless. Al-Ahsa in Saudia Arabia. The world centre for democracy, tolerance and free speech. Unless of course your a woman. Check this out.

AL-AHSA, 19 September 2007 — She wasn’t a hooligan, but she might as well have been for all the match-interrupting trouble she caused by daring to attend a free sporting event.

According to yesterday’s Al-Watan newspaper, a free football match at a public stadium here was stopped in the 36th minute in order for stadium officials to order a 12-year-old girl out, because apparently the presence of a girl at a sporting event is offensive to people who don’t have better things about which to complain and get self-righteous.

Before the game started, one particularly offended referee refused to start the game with the indecency of a female child attending the match.

Another more rational referee dismissed his colleague’s concern and managed to get the game started.

Later, however, stadium management decided to stop the game and asked the girl’s relatives to escort her out. The sporting event had been billed as a free community event, but apparently “free” and “community” only refers to half of the population — the ones who were born male.

So there you go guys. That is me for the day. If any fellow bloggers read this, could you please add The UK Enrichment News to your links and I shall reciprocate.

Take care out there. It's a jungle these days.


gatesofvienna said...

I'm not into footie but another news story caught my eye which really ammused me.
A beheaded woman was found at the roadside a doctor had been called to acsertain the cause of death.
Can't wait to find out but i imagine it's got something to do with a knife seperating her head from her body.
And we are told constantly theres no crime in islamic countries.

The Green Arrow said...

Hi gov,

did u see the story from Pakistan where dozens of them died from drinking poisoned alcohol?

So much for their depth of faith.

Celtic Morning said...

A friend of mine with personal knowledge of life in prison( for honourable crimes such as sorting out drug dealers,doing work which the police should have done) tells me that Islime prioners were always whingeing and complaining until one very tough and non pc Scottish warder told them to shut the fuck up because, if they were that serious about Islime they wouldnt be in prison.Truth is of course that in most of the Islime countries crime is very high in spite of beheading,flogging, stoning and hanging from a crane suffering slow strangulation.The turnip is a vegetable and as such, has no brain.Neither have British politicians or they would never have allowed them into our country.