Saturday, 15 September 2007

Whats wrong Lassie?

Last known image of Lassie and Timmy before Timmy fell down the well

Bark. Bark, bark bark bark.

"Whats wrong Lassie?"

Bark. Bark, bark bark bark.

"Has Timmy fallen down the well again?"

Bark. Bark, bark.

"No? Well whats wrong?"

Bark. Bark, bark bark bark.

"You want me to me to go for a drink?"

Bark. Bark, bark bark bark, yap, bark yap.

"Oh sorry. You want me to check out a web link? I thought you said drink."


"Why? I'm a bit busy because I am sure Timmy has fallen down the well again"

Whine, whine. Bark, bark bark bark.

"Well OK then whats the link?"

Bark. Bark, bark bark bark.

"Wow. I see what you mean. If the turnips can charge a person for walking a dog in public they can do anything. Why they might even try and ban cartoons next"

Bark. Bark.

"What? They have already?"


"What do you think we should do?"

Bark, bark. Bark, yap yap yap bark BNP. Bark bark bark.

"Join the BNP? Well OK lassie. Soon as I get Timmy out of the well".

Whine, whine, whine. Bark.

"Oh he drowned because he could not keep afloat any longer and we could have saved him if I had not been checking out stories on the net?



The End

And now something for the cat lovers.

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britlord said...

Pat Condell is back. This time he is ranting about Osama Bin Laden.