Saturday, 22 September 2007

Swastikas and the UAF

Might have been the Tibetans

Oh my God. Some moron, probably from the Unite Against Freedom(UAF) mob daubed a - wait for it - A SWASTIKA - onto a wall of Swindon College and the usual suspects start aiming at the British National Party and as usual shoot themselves in the foot.

Jaginder Bassi (fine English name) of Swindon's tax eating, Racial Equality Council said that a leaflet put out by the BNP, opposing the building of a mosque would explain the damage. Why?

Jaginder went on to say that they had not seen this kind of thing for quite awhile. Let me give you clue Jaginder. Check on which UAF head bangers have recently been released from mental care lately.

I am sure the people of Swindon are more concerned about the building of a mosque that has not been granted planning permission then the views of yet another Islamic Association. How many are there now? One for every turnip it seems.

Mike Howson, the BNP chairman for Wiltshire, said: "This incident has nothing to do with us and is probably some left-wing individual with too much time on their hands.

"We don't even know why people contact us about this kind of thing because the days of racist graffiti are long gone.

"As I say, it must have been someone who was bored and wanted to cause a stir.

The red tactics are like their policies locked in Stalins times. Sad, mad people.

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