Saturday, 29 September 2007

Wake up you morons

Why wasn't her DNA taken? Anti-social thug

I am not in the mood for it today. I am fed up with the thin end of the wedge being ignored by the dumb stupid people who continue to vote for the political parties that treat them like sheep.

Because of your stupidity, thinking people who can see what is happening also suffer and for us it is ten times worse because we know what is happening and what the mad politically correct are doing doing to Our Country. But you morons won't even read this. You will be moaning about the cancellation of the Jeremy Kyle show. Good riddance to the trash that demeans the True British People and not just the morons, losers and cretins that appear on this Roman Circus. No wonder the Moslems despise us. They think we are all like the pathetic creatures who spill their private lives onto the worlds plate for even sadder people to swallow.

A woman is fined £89 because her grandchild dropped her crisps and committed a crime against humanity by not picking up two of the crisps that had fallen from the packet. For Gods sake, I see needles, lager cans and broken bottles everywhere these days. Where are the fascist council snoops then? Bloody hiding around the corner because they have not got the courage to tackle anyone who might just give them a smack in their smug mouths. A child is about their level and then they are punching above their weight.

A set up for life, bloated on taxpayers money jobs worth from Crawley Council had this to say.

"People leaving their rubbish behind - or dropping litter anywhere other than a bin - is totally unacceptable.

"It annoys responsible residents who help us to keep the town clean and tidy and the council will not tolerate unsociable behaviour."

Of course, dropping litter is unacceptable you cretin but even more unacceptable is the petty nastiness of people like you and the sub humans who enforce the law to the letter that is the thin end of the wedge that makes life worse and miserable for us all.

Even more unacceptable are the morons who vote the councillors in, who pay your wages and continue to add to your inflation proof pensions whilst services are cut to make even more demands on the public purse to fund your early feather bedded retirement. I despise you.

If you vote for any other political party then the British National Party then you also are a part of the problem. Shame on you. You deserve to be sheared like the dumb stupid sheep that you are. Now trot along and get out of my mind before I say something I might regret.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely right!!
How do you get through to them? It's just pathetic that voters assume these parties are going to change!

It is not racist to want to live among your own kind.
Diversity is great to see in other lands but I do not want it on my

Anonymous said...

You are real wound up today GA! please dont bust a blood vessel.

Sad thing is you are so damn right!!!!
The sheep need a kick up the arse to switch the light back on behind their eyes.
We need to work on this big time other wise we will see Euro cop jack booting around UK streets cracking skulls.

Celtic Morning said...

But isnt it the same thing, all the time, over and over again. No one takes a blind bit of notice, they may have a little moan and then its all put away as a fact of life we can do nothing about. When will people start to connect it all with the political morons we have voted in for the last sixty years , seemingly getting worse with every election until now we have a government and opposition parties made up of fiddling crooks and perverts.Like you GA, I got up this morning, did a quick tour of my favourite sites and felt depressed. Same stories, same comments from the same people. No answers, no solutions, no way out of the ever increasing mess. Are we really experiencing the death of Western civilisation and just about the end of a white race who have stopped breeding and stopped thinking? What sort of a world will our kin be living in at the end of this century. I wont be around, long since gone by then but I fear for my little grandson and his children and their children. Very many people support the BNNP, far more than ever vote for us perhaps because they feel the vote is wasted, no chance of power so no support. What will it take for people to say "sod this, no more, I'm voting for BNP , lets give them a chance." And on top of that I've just watched Wales knocked out of the world Cup by Fiji. Great game but thats not a consolation. I'm switching off.

Celtic Mornning said...

Ga. Just read that expansion of the EU has resulted in sex slaves being brought to Britain. Where can I buy one??!!

The Green Arrow said...

Hi Celtic, Harry

Some days it does just get to us all. Like you say. Every day the same thing. Every other day a dead soldier. Every week a tale of corruption and still the stupid sheep slumber on. And then to make it worse. Fiji.

Oh well lets talk about Burma, that should take our eye of the ball as well.

We keep going. Good luck guys.