Saturday, 1 September 2007

Solidarity - Mark Walker Update

Things are hotting up in Shildon. Civil Liberty have leafleted the whole catchment area of the school. They have stalls in the local high street and are touring the area in speaker cars calling local people to support Mark Walker and demonstrate on Monday. The school is being flooded with emails, calls and post in support of Mark Walker and against political discrimination.

I urge all Nationalists to contact the Headteacher now. Even after the picket we should not let-up. All Nationalist blogs and bulletins should carry news of the case and the details of where to send protests. We must be relentless in defence of our traditional rights and freedoms! Well done to Solidarity and Civil Liberty for showing a lead!

On Monday, 3 September, Civil Liberty have called a demonstration outside Sunnydale. From 8am there will be a picket. We urge as many people who care about freedom and are opposed to this New McCarthyism to attend.

Send your letter or email now please to:

If you have not yet sent your letter of protest to the Headteacher here are the details again:-

Sue Byrne
Sunnydale Community College
Middridge Lane
County Durham
Tel: 01388 772526
Fax: 01388 773184


L'éminence grise said...

And I urge BNP bloggers to drop the politically correct Newspeak of the mainstream press.

The word for "headteacher" in English is "headmaster" or "headmistress."

Every little bit counts, as the feminists learned when they re-invented English.

Anonymous said...

Following a call by the campaign group Civil Liberty with backing from Solidarity, the British Workers' Union; Mark Walker's supporters began to gather outside the gates of the Sunnydale school from 8:00am. The popular teacher, who has taught in Sunnydale for the past twelve years, attracted support from local parents and pupils at the school. As this was the first day of the new term, only the new intake of year seven pupils came to school at ten o'clock. The demonstration was deliberately kept low key. It was a Monday morning and many other potential supporters were at work. Twenty supporters turned up around 8:00am. As the morning progressed, the number of supporters grew to approximately one hundred.
The local police kept a low profile. Two constables kept a professional but relaxed eye on the proceedings. As the numbers of supporters grew, another two constables turned up. At the police's request, Mark's supporters quietened down around 10:00am when the new intake of first year pupils began to arrive. Naturally Civil Liberty and Solidarity were happy to co-operate with reasonable requests from the police.
Mark Walker's meeting with the School Head, Sue Byrne, was scheduled to begin at one o'clock. As Mark Walker and his union representative, Patrick Harrington arrived at the school gates a big cheer rose from the crowd. There were backslaps for Mark and Patrick as they were greeted by a noisy chorus of whistles, airhorns, bells and personal alarms. Three cheers were called for Mark to unanimous approval from the crowd. He was presented with a bouquet of flowers from a well-wisher in he crowd.
Mark Walker spoke through a megaphone to thank everyone gathered there for their magnificent support. Patrick Harrington told the crowd that he hoped for an amicable solution. The school's function was to educate the community and improve its results. He and Mark were going into the meeting with Ms Byrne in a hopeful mood.
After an unexplained delay and a brusque reception the two men were ushered in to a meeting with Sue Byrne and the head of Mark's Design and Technology Department. At the outset Patrick Harrington questioned Ms Byrne's impartiality in dealing with Mark Walker's case as he had launched a grievance procedure against her for her handling of his case. He urged her to delegate her role in this meeting to another senior member of staff given the conflict of interest and likelihood of prejudicing the case in hand. Her only response was 'Why should I?' The meeting then went ahead under Ms Byrne.
The Solidarity union representative gave Ms Byrne a list of twenty questions which she said she would answer at the end of the meeting. She wanted to press ahead with her own points first.
Ms Byrne then produced a series of documents that that not previously been disclosed to Mark or his Solidarity union representative prior to the meeting. She raised new points unrelated to the allegations that Mark and his representative had been notified of and had come prepared to answer. Patrick Harrington accused her of underhand ambush tactics. Ms Byrne had gone outside recognised procedure. He advised Mark not to answer any questions raised on these newly produced issues..
Patrick raised his concerns to Ms Byrne regarding Mark's mental wellbeing given the severe stress that she had pub him under. She sat stoney-faced in the face of this appeal to her better nature.
Patrick accused her of having a lack of respect for Mark's union, Solidarity. She went into a long diversion telling the two men that they should not speak to the press. This was rich, given that she had herself spoken to the local Sunday Sun the previous day. Patrick told there that he would speak to whoever he liked without seeking permission from Ms Byrne as was his right under Article 10 of the European Convention of Human Rights. She had permitted a meeting to take place on the school premises to call for Mark Walker to be sacked. She had allowed a rumour mill to get under way with a number of false allegations against Mark Walker. She had been quoted in the previous day's Sunday Sun that it was 'utterly false' to suggest that Mark was being picked on because of his political affiliations. Nevertheless she had questioned Mark about his candidacy for the BritishNational Party in the last local government election. At this meeting Patrick noticed that she had a copy of Mark's BNP election address in the file on the desk in front of her.
Ms Byrne then cut the meeting short by announcing that she had made a decision. She would refer the case to the School governors. She would be recommending that the governors take disciplinary action against Mark Walker for 'gross misconduct' (a sacking offence). The union representative asked her if this meant that the meeting was over if she had made a decision.
Patrick reminded Ms Byrne that she had not answered his questions and representations prior to making this decision. She offered to answer them at this late stage but Patrick told her that this was farcical. It was too late now as she had already announced her decision. He asked, 'What kind of a process is this we're involved in?' The two men left the meeting in disgust at this arrogant demonstration of high-handedness and pettiness.
An example. Mark Walker had been given a bouquet of flowers by a wellwisher as he entered the meeting. He had intended to give them to his wife later on but was so upset by Ms Byrne's pigheaded arrogant attitude that he left them behind. Did the petty Ms Byrne contact Mark to return his flowers? No she didn't. It's a small matter but it speaks volumes about this woman's mentality and attitude towards Mark Walker.

Anonymous said...

I think it is clear that Brother Mark is the subject of a political vendetta. If he wasn't a member of the BNP the most he would get is a 'slap on the wrist'.

Pat Harrington believes in civil rights and is prepared to fight hard cases.

Anonymous said...

I think Solidarity is doing a fine job defending Brother Walker. I am concerned to hear that his health and well-being has suffered as a result of this persecution. The school is showing an uncaring and insensitive attitude. I don't know how they can look themselves in the mirror. They should be ashamed.

Anonymous said...

I understand the school has blocked emails from outside in response to the wave of protest over the suspension and investigation of Mark Walker. Supporters can still send faxes or mail. Anyone wanting a protest faxed on should email the Union at and they will send it for you. Solidarity is organising a physical and online petition at present. More details will follow...

Anonymous said...

I think that this is going to be difficult. I read that eight Unison members were dismissed for looking at e-bay during work time. I'm also reading a lot about people being sacked for looking at Facebook. Regardless of the content of the sites people are losing their jobs and the Unions seem unable to help. I wish Brother Walker and Solidarity well but I think they face an uphill struggle.

Anonymous said...

Well at least Solidarity are fighting the good fight! One of their Executive has launched an online petition. It is at:-

Anonymous said...

Solidarity is raising funds for legal action. The following has just been posted on their website (


Many of you will have heard of the Mark Walker case. He is a teacher at the Sunnydale Community College in Shildon, County Durham. He is 36, a former RAF weapons technician, a popular Design and Technology Teacher, a husband and father. He and his family have now been hit by a body-blow!

He has been suspended from his job since March, allegedly due to misusing school computers whilst at work, but our Union believes his real ‘crime’ was standing as a candidate for the British National Party. Mark has fallen foul of political correctness.

Our Trades Union Solidarity welcomes all members whatever their political background and takes a hard line against political discrimination. Freedom of Association and Expression and the right to earn a livelihood, regardless of political affiliation, are things we value. Our Union is vigourously defending Brother Mark.

Beyond all the pickets, petitions and letters condeming this persecution it looks likely that the Union will have to support and fund legal action to protect Mark’s rights.

How can you help?
Well if you believe in Free Speech, Freedom of Association and a mans (or woman’s) democratic right to a livelihood then please send a donation.
We all know that Legal costs can run into many thousands of pounds and there is no guarantee of success but we believe that injustice must be challenged.
Do you wish those opposed to freedom to win without even a fight?
Trade Unions supporting New Labour have already been given the green light to ban membership from individuals belonging to parties they don’t like. This was one of the reasons for the formation of Solidarity; to enable workers to protect their employment rights without fear of discrimination on grounds of political belief.

This time we need to do our utmost to protect Mark.
We urge you to send as much as you can afford. If you are a member of an association ask your local Branch to send a small donation. Consider making a collection and sending it in. Our website will chart the its progress. Please help us to protect you. One day they might come for you. Let us take the battle for freedom and democratic rights to them, first!

Use the PayPal link on the right of this page to contribute by credit or debit card or send your donation by post to: Solidarity Trade Union , PO Box 93, Spennymoor DL16 9AN."