Monday, 3 September 2007

Why we should have elected Chief Constables

Richard "The Blue Clown" Brunstrom. Hmm. I wonder.

The British National Party has always campaigned for elected Chief Constables to lead the regional Police Services.

The reason for this is obvious. If an elected Chief Constable does not deliver on his election promises, then he or she would be voted out. Currently, Blue Clowns like Richard Brunstrom, who makes life a living hell for the motorists and people of North Wales are free to practice their own/Labour agenda's as they see fit. All this, whilst crime in their areas goes undetected.

Well bad news for the people of North Wales, unless of course your a criminal, in which case it is good news. Brunstrom has had his contract to serve as Chief Constable of North Wales renewed until the year 2009 at least.

This was announced on the day that the Downing Street Petition site closed the one calling for the Blue Clowns removal. Disappointingly, there were only 3563 signatures on the list and many of those, although humorous were obviously false. Although I felt the same way as the "Sack the Bastard" signer, it did trivialise the whole thing.

Brunstrom who has admitted that he personally continues to ignore speed warnings and who once compared the Association of British Drivers as being akin to the British National Party. Something I am sure that many of their members would be proud to admit.

When once asked, What has been your funniest moment as an Officer?
He replied As a dare, I agreed to direct traffic in central Brighton in full uniform and a gorilla mask. The very first car that I stopped contained the Chief Constable!

Pity the then Chief Constable of Sussex did not sack the buffoon on the spot.

So it seems that the only way to get rid of the rubbish like the Blue Clown, is to get rid of the rubbish Politicians that currently rule over us and vote in a party like the BNP who will listen to the people. And why will they listen? Because they are the people. Join the British National Party and bring in elected Chief Constables.

For those of you interested in the different types of Speed Cameras in use in the UK, you can view them here.


Fidothedog said...

Ah the old traffic taliban leader himself. One day I shall have to load up photoshop and do him either as a taliban head chopper or as a clown.

Either one would suit him.

Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

Morphing him into an AIDS sufferer would require only minimal effort judging by his somewhat sickly countenance above. Or am I being unreasonably cruel.

Pip pip