Friday, 28 September 2007

Make your minds up you clowns in the CPS

Yesterday I reported how the idiots who run the Clown Prosecution Service had refused to charge a 14 year old teenager for almost blinding a young girl by deliberately firing an airgun into her face from a distance of six feet because they said he he was too young to understand the consequences of his actions.

In the same post, I added the information of how the Clown Prosecution Service were charging a 10 year old boy who had been battered with an iron bar by an immigrant who took offence at the young lads comment that she should go back to her own country for using racist language.

Today I report that a 12 year old boy was charged with Grievous Bodily Harm for flicking a classmate with an elastic band during a play fight of shooting paper at each other.

Now GBH is the third most serious offence a person can be charged with after murder and attempted murder. Perhaps they should stop the sales of elastic bands.

Finally the fools of the CPS dropped the charge but not untill the child had spend 4 hours in a police cell, been suspended from school, dragged through the courts and wasted £10,000 of taxpayers money.

I despair. Not just at the police and the CPS but also my fellow citizens who continue to vote Labour and allow these clowns to keep their jobs.

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