Monday, 24 September 2007

A Referendum call to arms

The Leader of the British National Party, Nick Griffin has unleashed his dogs of war (thats code for activists) and endorsed the Pro Referendum Rally scheduled to take place in Central Londonistan on 27th October.

On his Chairman's Column, amoungst other items of interest he has posted the following:-

Referendum Call

......a referendum on the new EU Treaty/Constitution. I have signed it, and we have called on our activists to get involved with the push to get people to the proposed Referendum Rally in Central London on 27th October.
But both are done with reservations. For a start, the realistic view of that rally is that, despite its professed aim of 500,000 attendees, it will be a surprise if the organisers can get 5,000 there. Of course the issue is more important than the hunting ban, but the Countryside Alliance was working with a network of extraordinarily powerful local social grapevines and on an issue that stirs far deeper passions in most of its enthusiasts than opposition to the EU does in the majority even of Euro-realists.
More important still is the fact that I remember all too well the Common Market referendum of 1975, in which I was involved as a teenage activist for the ‘No’ campaign. We never stood a chance: the question was loaded; the ‘Yes’ campaign was backed by all the main parties; our side had one booklet sent to each household, while the lie-filled ‘Yes’ booklet was seconded by the Government’s ‘recommendation’ document; Big Business and the BBC; worst of all the other side was able to outspend us by a factor of eleven to one.
There cannot be the slightest doubt that any fresh referendum would be just as rigged. Naturally we in the BNP would do our best to help the anti-EU campaign overcome the drastically sloping playing field, but the chances of success would be very slim. Basically, Governments don’t call referenda that they are not confident of winning.
It gets worse: That means that a successful call for a referendum on this life-or-death question of national freedom would in all probability merely give the Europhiles a popular democratic mandate for their treason. The fact that any such vote would be secured by essentially dishonest means wouldn’t make much difference; once ‘the people’ vote ‘in favour’ of the Treaty that looks like a Constitutional duck, walks like a Constitutional duck and quacks like a Constitutional duck, then the political elite can claim that their nation-wrecking spree was done by permission of the Great British Public. Which would a) legitimise what they’ve done; b) make it harder to undo, and c) give them some defence when we put them on trial for treason – under the old rules, complete with the traditional penalties.
So we can only shake our heads in bewilderment at the well-meaning naivety of the good-hearted souls calling for a referendum. And we are only going along with their October 27th protest in order to reinforce our right – as the party with far more popular support than UKIP (since their MEPs’ decision to vote in favour of a Europe-wide school curriculum to oppose ‘xenophobia’, some now spell that EuKIP, by the way) – to lead the battle to free Britain from Europe.
We will be there to recruit, to try to save good activists wasting their time in one or other of the plethora of anti-EU groups going nowhere, among which UKIP is now undoubtedly the worst. It reminds me of the slogan the Socialist Workers Party used to roll out at election times: “Vote Labour, But With No Illusions”.

That is good enough for me. See you there. By the way, did you like the bit about trying the traitors for treason? I know I did.


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