Thursday, 20 September 2007

The Enrichment News

I have created a new blog called The Enrichment News and it is now live.

I had not intended this to happen for a few days, as it is very much a work in progress and needs polishing and populating. However it started taking hits from people using specific search requests so what the heck. Get it out there.

The purpose of the blog is to act as a referral site for people to point to when asked to show some of the benefits to Our Country that the colonising enrichers have brought with them.

Hatred of an entire race because the crimes some of them commit is obviously wrong. Any hatred aroused as a result of reading the verifiable information published on the site should be directed at the politicians who are trying to shape and destroy Our Country, in order to achieve their hidden agenda of a Marxist led One World Government.

I would hope it will be used in much the same way the excellent Liars, Buggers and Thieves is used and ask that all supporting Blog sites add it to their links. An email to will ensure a link back is made.

A few nationalist stalwarts have already agreed to be researchers and we will be seeing their posts shortly. Remember it is a work in progress.

One last thing. There are no comments, no statements. Just clips from the original sources with links back to them.

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Anonymous said...

Another site added to my bookmarks!

I've always hated the use of the word 'Enrichment' by the pro multi-cults. In a cultural context it means nothing and the best example they ever come up with is curry, which I could survive without. Whenever I hear or read enrichment, I automatically think Dilution!

Keep the arrows coming...