Sunday, 9 September 2007

Matt Withers, Wales on Sunday

An example of Matts fine work

The repulsive Matt Withers who writes for the rag in decline, Wales on Sunday has suggested that people flood the British National Party with spam emails.
FINALLY, a new section on the British National Party website implores readers to nominate their ‘Idiot of the Week’. Send ideas to the – we can only say what a shame it would be if their inbox was clogged up with spam.

I am not sure what Wales On Sunday would have to say about his article. If you would like to ask them, here are their contact details.

Wales on Sunday

Wales on Sunday
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Cardiff CF10 1XR

Telephone: (029) 20583583 fax: 029 2058 3725

Editor: Tim Gordon (029) 2058 3720

Newsdesk: (029) 2058 3733
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