Thursday, 27 September 2007

Just what did they expect to happen?

An Asian man was killed by three white men and this kicked off into a brawl which dragged in other fighters from the native white inhabitants and the colonisers of their community.

The Prosecutor, William Waldron, QC, told the jury: "Responsibility for the murder of Shezan Umarji rests firmly with these three defendants." But does it?

I am not defending the white men who murdered the Asian but I do believe that the true responsibility for his death lies with the politicians that have forced two diametrically opposed cultures to share the same living space. There will be clashes. There will be violence and there will be deaths. There will be a lot more of all, thanks to the politicians.

When Shezan Umarji and Mohammed Begg, armed with a wooden bat and bottle attacked Mr Moore and chased him to a friends home, kicked the front door down and assaulted a pregnant woman. Did they think that would be OK? Were they that arrogant that they thought they could commit these acts and just walk away?

Imagine if you were the victim of their assault? Would not a blood red mist fall over you and would you not wish revenge. Any man would. And so the original white victims became the aggressors who chased and killed one of their attackers. And then the inevitable when two tribes go to war.

Mr Waldron added: "It appears almost certain that, once the stabbing had taken place, Asian friends of Mr Umarji and Mr Begg were quickly upon the scene and, albeit for a brief period, white fought Asian and Asian fought white."

Now a man lies dead. Others face long jail terms and the war will continue whilst the politicians retreat to their Ivory Towers and utter statements such as: "In a city not noted for racial unrest, the events stand as a shameful stain."

It is going to get an whole lot worse before it gets better. Remember that when the elections come around again and vote British National Party. They know how to separate the fighters.


Celtic Morning said...

Just a small example of what we face,on a huge scale, if "democratic" politicians persist in their failed policy of trying to "integrate" people who have nothing in common annd share no values.Have they never heard of East is East and West is West,Birds of a Feather, old statements of obvious fact. Obvious to all but the traitors who control us. Have they ever seen oil and water combine-only to start seperating immediately? The long process to reclaim our country needs to start very soon if we are to halt and reverse our headlong descent into becoming a Third World country with all the Third World problems the intruders bring with them.

The Green Arrow said...

A good analogy Celtic. You put oil and water in a bottle, shake and mix it but it soon separates because the two just do not mix. Something the politicians should have learned by now.

Take care

Anonymous said...

serves them right. can we find what nick he will be in as he deserves support. a man with the guts to defend his land and family

Celtic Morning said...

The guts to defend his land and family yes. But he, or they, will now pay for it with a horrendous sentence and no early release. As General Patton said "The object is not to die for your country.Its to make the other poor bastard die for his." In the heat of the moment we forget these things but....Revenge is a dish best served cold... and without trace.

Anonymous said...

So what were the intentions of the Asian duo having kicked the door in?Did they go in armed shouting "put the fukin kettle on "or were they intent on doing serious damage to their white victims?You're right GA this type of attack and retribution is going to escalate due to forcing together incompatible cultures.

I note the events that led to the death were not racist according to our ethnic pandering press,yet the motivation for the defendents was!!

These three will no doubt get hefty sentences leaving their vulnerable family to cope along with a young child whose father will remain in prison through trying to protect them.This is very sad,their lives are destroyed having being backed into a corner by racist aliens.

llamedos 14

Celtic Morning said...

Unfortunately brave men often act in rage and then suffer for it.A good friend of mine paid a heavy penalty for doing the police's job for them.His sister was molested by a gang of drug dealers and he immediately put five of them in hospital. Result. Banged up even though the police told him he had done a good job on their behalf. Now if he had been calmer and waited, maybe a week or two and then settled the score he could have got away scot free but in the heat of the moment, as I say, brave men are often reckless and give no thought to their own welfare. These are the type of men we will probably one day come to rely on in a patriotic cause but, for their own sake, they must not let the heart rule the head.

Anonymous said...

fuck you, you bastards, he did not deserve to die the way he did, no matter what he did

The Green Arrow said...

Well anon if you will go kicking someones front door down and then attack a pregnant woman you must expect some kind of reaction.