Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Once upon a time

A different war but the same story.

Once upon a time, long, long ago. In a Country, far, far away. There was an Army. An occupying army. And this Army was a modern army. A professional army. An army with large numbers of battle hardened veterans who had fought all over the world. An about to be defeated Army.

And this army had lost control of the land it had occupied and the politicians in their wisdom ordered them back to an airfield. Playing at soldiers, the politicians said that from the airfield, the army could sally forth and control the land. Supplies would come in from the air.

But the soldiers knew what would happen and what did happen. But they did their duty as soldiers must.

The airfield became surrounded. There were no attacks launched from their now besieged base. Instead the daily attacks on them from small arms fire, changed to first mortar attacks that endangered the supply aircraft and then long range artillery attacks that made resupply almost impossible. Finally they were overrun and forced to surrender. The rest is history.

The time was 1953/1954 and the battle was to last for 57 days. 57 days of hell for the entrapped troops. The Country was Vietnam, the army was the French Expeditionary Corps and the battle was Dien Bien Phu. You can read about the horrors and the heroism here.

Now, over half a century later, our politicians with no understanding or even knowledge of history are about to repeat the mistake the French made.

Instead of our troops quitting Iraq, they have withdrawn/redeployed/retreated from Basra City and taken up quarters at the airfield.

All our troops are now, is prisoners. Prisoners without guards but still prisoners. They can no longer serve any purpose in staying in that country any longer. Blair has gone and no longer needs them to prove his manhood. Too many of our boys have died in this illegal war. Bring them home now, before we see them paraded as real prisoners with vicious mad guards.

The British National Party as always opposed the illegal wars being fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Labour Party has said that our troops will now remain in Afghanistan for decades. If you care about our soldiers then you had better start voting BNP, because they are the only party that will Bring Our Boys Home.

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Anonymous said...

The fact is that our boys were forced our of Basra because they no longer had control over the surrounding area and were sitting ducks unable to do anything about the constant mortar attacks.

It was less than a fortnight ago that I listened to more than one serving senior officer patiently explaining to some journalist or other on the radio the logistics of this situation and why all they could do in Basra was sit there and take the flak and shrapnel.


These were not the words of fools or cowards they were carefully crafted explanations from men for whom both "Sun Tsu" and "Shock And Awe" were on the syllabus at Sandhurst in equal measure.

Only New Liebour cronies refuse to accept these statements of fact at their face value.

We should get our boys out and go into the business of selling body bags to the yanks who are gonna need 'em big time.

And if this makes George Dubya seethe with rage then maybe, just maybe, he will finally understand what the parents of our boys killed by his asinine, trigger happy air force feel.