Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Turnips to join the BNP

SWP activist reasoning with Respect activist

No kidding? Well OK. A bit then. It seems that the turnips have had enough of Gorgeous George Galloway and his disRespect Party and now want to go their own way. And that way is to form their own branches of the Bangladeshi National Party. Should be fun at election times.

Now we have always known that all the paid Respect Party officials are also SWP members who are also UAF members. And their money comes from - you tell me, but it is probably from overseas. We also knew that the colonisers would ditch George and the SWP once they had found their political feet. And they are up on their feet now, which could well mean the end of Georgeie and Respect - not that he had any on a personal level.

But if you ever doubt how stupid the marxists are, then consider the fuse that set of a split between the factions. The stupid reds of the SWP tried to force the Muslim Bangladeshi Respect Councillors, their pockets bulging with our money, to go on a Respect float at the 2007 Gay Pride parade! Why not just ask them to have a stall at next years Red, White and Blue while they are at it?

Well the turnips by all account got into a real frenzy(and you know what they are like) and told George to sort out the smellies and get his act together. So what is George to do? He needs the turnips for power but he also needs the red clowns to run his political campaign. Anyhow go have a laugh here and see what you think of it all.

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