Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Solidarity demonstration images

Mark Walker. Persecuted because of his patriotism

As reported in previous posts, the independent and patriotic trade union Solidarity, organised a peaceful protest on September 3rd, outside the school gates of Sunnydale College in support of ex-serviceman and respected teacher, Mr Mark Walker who has been suspended because of his political believes. Mark had the temerity to stand as a candidate for the British National Party.

Parents and students all agree that Mark is the best teacher in the school

The shameful TUC and other sites have been reporting how this demonstration intimidated people and children and prevented the planned meeting between Mark Walker, Patrick Harrington of Solidarity and school representatives taking place. You can see from the images below, the truth and you can read the report on the meeting here.

Solidarity. Speaking out for the rights of the British Workers

Up until now, the True Brits of this country have had to quietly fume as their so called trade unions done and said nothing as their jobs were either sold overseas or taken by immigrants brought in to take the food out of their children's mouths. Now the British Worker has a real patriotic trade union to reprent him or her, no matter their occupation. Solidarity.

Flowers for Mark from a well wisher

Finally a real choice. But it is still yours to make. Join a real trade union or stay and wait for your job to be taken.


defender said...

here is one especially for you to run with GA

The Green Arrow said...

Thanks for the link Defender. I checked it out this morning but saw that a few of the regulars were running it so went with my own rant.

Please though keep an eye out for good links. I rarely get the chance to trawl these days.

Good Luck

Anonymous said...

Great pics! They show what liars some opponents of Solidarity are. Babies in Prams and Mums intimidating! Hardly Orgreave or Grunwick!