Thursday, 27 September 2007

Reinstate Mark Walker Petition

A poster has made the following comment and I think it worth using it as an header in this post. These are dangerous times for employees. Take heed.

Solidarity has acted in a very reasonable way. It has simply argued the case for Mark and protested in a peaceable, law-abiding fashion.

I was sad to read that members of Unison were sacked recently for looking at Ebay at work. It is part of a worrying trend. Employers do nothing to block sites then discipline people for looking at them! Often their rules are not applied generally but only against those whose face doesn't fit. The Solidarity leadership has issued advice to its members not to use the Internet during working time for any personal purpose. I think that we should all be aware that Internet use at work will be monitored and logged. Don't hand your employer the excuse to try to sack you!

I'm sure that our Union will fight tooth and nail for Mark but prevention is better than cure!

OK? Point taken? Good. Now what can we do to support Mark? For a start just go over here and add your name to the petition for his reinstatement.

Would all fellow bloggers please carry the petition link. Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

There is also a petition to sack the Headteacher Sue Byrne. She is the one who has been persecuting Mark Walker. I don't usually like calling for anyone to be sacked but I have signed it at:-

I've looked at the exam results at the school under her leadership and they are dire. This combined with the poor judgement and lack of management skills in the Mark Walker case have convinced me that Sunnydale deserves better. It is a poor community with social difficulties and needs a Head with drive and vision who can engage the support of local people. She is busy alienating them. She has to go.