Tuesday, 11 September 2007

The Voice of Freedom

I know. Let us have a shameless plug for the Voice of Freedom. Why? Why not. You want to read the truth. Then if you must pay hard earned cash then subscribe to the Voice of Freedom, the official newspaper of the British National Party. Go check out some of their back issues here then put your hands in your electronic pocket and pay up. Everything costs these days and to me, £11.95 is not too much to pay for 12 monthly issues of the truth. Information is the ammunition in this war for Our Country and ammunition costs money to produce.

Go visit their site to read this issue online

The BNP and the Voice of Freedom were right about the grooming of young white girls by the Moslems. They were right in predicting the terrorist attacks and they were right about the special and preferential treatment given to the bogus asylum seekers and colonisers.

And where were the main stream press during all this? Either denying the stories or ignoring them. Just as their political masters had ordered them to. Open your eyes to the truth and open your eyes on your own copy of the VOF.

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