Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Do not blame the Politicians

Sheep Meadow

We have been making a big mistake and we have been making it now for many decades. We have been blaming the politicians for the troubles in Our Country and in the World at large, when we should really be blaming ourselves.

We allowed them to gain control over us the moment we let them start making statements that they had been elected to office to make the right decisions and according to their personal (party line) conscience. That is one baby that should have been aborted at birth.

The classic example is Capital Punishment for murderers. The voters want the death penalty restored for certain crimes. Murder of Police Officers, children, etc. But our masters know better. They consider themselves to be smarter and wiser then their voters and to some extent they are. We let them get away with it at all levels.

We let them remove our freedoms at all levels. Park here. Do not smoke there. Put your bottles in this bag. Put your tins in this bag. Pay your TV license or else. And the list goes one and on and the chains of slavery get heavier.

We let them pay themselves enormous salaries and claim expenses that small businesses struggling to survive could only dream off. And this wealth enables them to buy property world wide, wear the most expensive clothing and pay for sordid lifestyles that makes them feel they are superior. And we the people let them get away with it.

And why do you think they see themselves as our betters? Because they watch us clean our cars on Sunday. They watch us cut the grass and walk our dogs and all this whilst Rome Burns. No wonder they feel superior.

They see us as cattle or sheep for exploiting. Resources to be used. Resources that, when past their sell by date should be denied the means to survive. And we let them see us that way.

All governments should be afraid of the people. Elections should make them tremble. They should be falling over themselves to be carrying out the wishes of the people. But they are not afraid of us. They are contemptuous of us. And they are right to be so.

They see a nation work itself into a frenzy over a stupid remark on a Big Brother show whilst British Soldiers are dieing by the day in illegal wars.

They see us more concerned over who wins the X-Factor then the destruction of Our Country and Western Civilization as they move us slowly but surely into the past and future of 1984.

And when something does arouse the masses into being vocal, that concerns them not a jot. We can sign our petitions, they will be ignored. We can organise huge demonstrations. They will close their ears and cover their eyes to them and retreat into their Ivory Towers until we have all gone home.

They know that like the sheep we are, we will bleat for awhile but then will eventually settle down again and go back to watching disgusting, pathetic creatures debase themselves and the white race by appearing on the Roman Circus called the Jeremy Kyle Show.

And with the destruction of our education and the debasing of your young they find us easier to control every year. The future young men will not resist. For those born into slavery know no other life. The only one's who can save the future are us. The Dads Army of middle aged men and women who know what the enemies game is.

Read this next line carefully. It does not matter where its origins lie. It is the meaning.

"We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children."

If you do not believe and understand that, then your children have no future except as slaves. Your choice. Will you stand in line with the British National Party? Will you vote BNP? Will you fight? Or will you bleat and then go clean your car?


Anonymous said...

So right GA. Your best yet.
More power to your pen mate, you really have the words to inspire but you need to get them out to a wider audience, you need to target them more at the sheep and not just to the believers who read your blog.
Check your email, Ive sent you something that will help you.

Celtic Morning said...

A nation usually gets the government it deserves. You are right re the sheep.A good example is the ex mining valleys of south Wales where,though the four legged sheep are now fenced and confined to the mountains,the two legged sheep still flock to the polls to vote Labour "because my father voted Labour". The bloody dopes cant open their eyes and see the squalor and degredation their slavery to socialism has brought upon them.Its there for all to see,all too obvious in drug ridden single mothers who cant look after their children and young people without purpose in life,leaving school with no qualifications and nothing to aim for. Still they vote Labour. The tragedy is that we now have a younger generation who know no better and accept their circumstances as the norm so how do we combat that? What will it take to wake up a people whose fathers were politicaly aware and active. Those fathers voted and campaigned for Labour in the early twentieth century because it was right for them and theirs at the time and offered hope against terrible exploitation. Those same men would never vote Labour today- they had more sense,they would see the damage that socialism has done. Unfortunately their descendents have deteriorated until now,the sheep on the hill have more sense than many of the two legged variety,who should know better, in the valleys below. I think I'll change my name from Celtic Morning. A Celtic Morning should be bright and full of hope and promise. Perhaps Mr.Doom and Gloom would be more appropriate.

Mother Ecclesiastica said...

Here in Australia, we have mandatory voting for all elections: local government, State government, and Federal Government.

This means that for our children as they grow up, they really look forward to the First Time they will be Allowed To Vote.

It is a most important "Rite of Passage" into adulthood for each of us.

More important than one's 18th or 21st birthday ever could be....

We take our politics and our politicians quite seriously.

Here in Australia, we are about to have a Federal Election. Sometime in the next 12 weeks or so.

Washing the car?
Lolling about on the lawn in the sunshine?

Yeah. We do all that too!

If mandatory voting was the law in the UK, you wouldn't be in the bloody mess you're in now....

Green Arrow,
Please make a formal propsal to the BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY's Executive Body of adding Mandatory Voting for all Britons as a Party Policy...

I beg you, Sir.
I am an Englishwoman who has lived in Australia since a small child.

Many in UK and USA write how they envy us in Australia with a Prime Minister such as John Howard.

Imagine, Green Arrow: if every True Brit in the UK had had to cast a vote at every election, big or small, over the passed 40 years......

Would they have voted for increased immigration and Islam?

Would they have voted to turn their back on Australia, New Zealand, and Canada as Trade Partners in favour of the European Economic 'Community'?

Would they have voted for giving up the Sovereignity of The Four Nations to the European Union?

I don't think so...

Anonymous said...

All very wise words GA, the same thoughts and frustrations that go through my mind and no doubt those of many others. My fear too is the "Big Brother" generation who have grown up believing that to be watched and intruded upon by unseen eyes in the norm, in fact they have been conditioned while at school, as dont we have cameras in the school corridors now?-yet nobody seems to be asking how we got to this stage. Perhaps even more concerning is that they then go on to have children themselves. I remember that charming chappy cheating 'Tone, once saying that the pensioners, or those that remember a time before this madness, will all be dead soon-was he implying that once those with some political sense die out that he would be left with a malable and politically ignorant population that would allow him and his masters to do what they wished?

gatesofvienna said...

Leave George Orwells book 1984 lying around, it's surprising how youngsters take to it and quickly realise whats' going on especially when an adult is to hand.
Whenever i'm out being a friendly type of person i soon get chatting to various folk.
Most are sick to death of whats' being doing to their country and there lies the opening for politics.
At the moment the EU is a talking point and i never fail to ask how much they know about the EU/ARAB DIALOGUE.
Having researched this issue for two years now and disgusted at this treachory it's great to mention this and get into flow.
People are gobsmacked when finding out that in 2010 9 more muslim Arab states will enter the free trade area and we all know with that comes free movement.
Over the years our politicians have been handing over the uk and europe to Arabs with treaties,declarations various little pacts over the years.
It really is unbelievable under our noses politicians assumed we were all too stupid or too apathetic to bother finding out what they were upto.
The eumed, the meadea union the Rabat commitment, the Barcelona declaration there's an endless list.
Basically they demand and the EU SAY OK.
THE eu then pass the message onto their puppets to carry out.
Stop calling muslims terrorists, stop linking islam to terror...Brown repeated what he was ordered to do!
Eventually we won't be able to call immigrants just that...mobility will be the normal speak.
Our nations are being islaminised but politicians rely on the fact nobody will believe that with media denials and laughter at such thoughts.
I'm afraid it's true every bit of it.
Islam in schools The Rabat commitments' idea, more muslim teachers more ARABIC teaching to all not just muslims.
our journalists are gathered in Brussels and fed the line whats' ok to say and whats' not.
The BBC which i openly call the governments pimp deserve not a penny of ours and that would be a start 5000 refuse to pay the license fee what can they do?
Prison are full and 5000 would soon become 10.000.
Who watches the brainwashing rubbish they put out?
Eastenders an historical costume drama of a London THAT DOES NOT EXIST ANYMORE.
GA your post is excellent and true the sheep need to stop grazing before their throats are slit for halal meat.
The anger is very much around but we are all scattered across the UK.
We need to organize, learn that much from muslims at least!
And stop being so meek and mild let our teeth show for a change.
An mp emailed me calling the BNP nazis.........
By return i sent The project by the muslim brotherhood known nazis reminding him his government employs them at the foreign office!
put into search engine this...
BANNA NAZI then remember they work in our sensitive areas of gov.
Too right they should fear us when faced with such cowards i spit on them.
excuse grammer etc am rushing and angry....

Gloriana said...

I don't see us (the British whites) securing our country without bloodshed. After watching the police wade in on Vans Belang in Belgium I realise they will never let us win by peaceful means. Going to be a battle. I'm up for it.

Good blog by the way.

gatesofvienna said...

Exactly Gloriana, But the longer the delay the harder the battle will be.
We're reminded almost daily how high the birth rates are.
Waiting for our very own Taliban army stationed here in the UK is not a very good move!
When a Tory says vote BNP because he himself knows it's the only party that can save this country,
He with a black American wife who states media and government bias and lies about the BNP are just false.
That the BNP is made up of hard working normal British people.
Visit his site read for yourself then when people scream he's a racist that would be very foolish indeed.
Guy R leven-torres This guy certainly knows a thing or two about the British establishment and how it works.
He's ex military and himself under governments attention they don't like what he says!
Death threats from islamists attacked on the streets of London by hoodies his trusty brolli always to hand.
A genuine English man!!