Thursday, 27 September 2007

There is no story in this

I think we all do

A mounted police unit has erased a slogan calling for an EU referendum written on the beach below the site of the Labour conference.

A lone individual wrote the words "I want a referendum" in the sand below West Undercliff Promenade in Bournemouth at around 11am yesterday. They were clearly visible from the Bournemouth International Centre and the secure zone around it.

The images telling the story were on the Guardian site but are no longer available for some reason. Try it yourself here.

Lucky for us the Eu Referendum site grabbed them first. Check them and the pathetic police response here.

Brings back to mind the time when Tony Bliar had several police vehicles sprayed with Vote Labour during an election. A favour the police were more than happy to do. Thats an whole host of other images that also appear to have vanished from the search engines!!!!

The real police are now serving all over the world, what is left is mostly rubbish that would never have been allowed entry under real police values. Todays new politi-police need have no knowledge of crime, just 100% loyalty to the labour party and its mad multicultural ideas for our future.

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