Tuesday, 18 September 2007

We should have fought to the death

The Surrender of Singapore and the road to hell.

I have mentioned before that my father was one of those men who landed on the beaches of Normandy in order for you and I to have the freedom to defend Our Country today.

But my mothers side of the family also saw action during the second world war, albeit without firing a single round. Her brother, my late uncle was unfortunate enough to be disembarked in Singapore just days before the inglorious surrender of our army there.

Although he would never talk to me (by then a young sailor) about the ordeal he went through, I soon understood why, when I read my fathers copy of the book "The Knights of the Bushido" and for many years I carried a burning hatred for the Japanese that as now thankfully gone out. It is wrong to hate an entire race. If you must hate, then hate the politicians that bring about the evil in the world.

But he did talk to my father and when I was older and my father gave me the book, he told me of the horrors witnessed by my uncle and that my uncle and his comrades often cursed the Senior Officers who had ordered them lay down their weapons and march into captivity. I can never watch that video clip of the British Officer, at the head of his men throwing Our Flag into the gutter when he realises he is being filmed. It still rips at my mind and heart. As my uncle later said to my father: "We should have fought to the death and had we known what faced us then we would have". And so would any real man.

And perhaps now whilst looking at the fate that as befallen the once prosperous country of Rhodesia under the Peter Hain endorsed madman, Robert Mugabe , many white South Africans may well curse the day they allowed their politicians to surrender Their Country to a largely immigrant black majority.

And now South Africa follows in the footsteps of Rhodesia and descends into anarchy without learning a single lesson from their neighbours desperate plight and has started the confiscation of the white owned farms that feed them. Two chances of showing the world and themselves that perhaps and it is a big perhaps that multiculturalism could work have been thrown away and both whites and black together now kill their pets for food and elderly whites beg on the streets of both countries and over one million whites are now destitute(Must Read) as the government has denied them the right to work. Now that is the real meaning of racism.

And what do we do to help the people of Rhodesia, both black and white? Why nothing. Well not quite nothing. We erect a monument to a murderer and send our over stretched troops to another killing ground called Darfur, despite warnings that they will immediately face attack by the madmen who follow the Cult of the Dead Paedophile. It is not our war. The entire mess is not worth the life of a single British Serviceman. Let them slaughter each other. It is what they do.

But we can learn or rather some of us can learn from the events now following the predicted course in South Africa. We can learn the fate that befalls a white people once they are a minority who no longer control their country or their destiny. Let us fight now politically before we have to fight on the streets.

Perhaps now the White South Africans should be prepared to fight to the death and this time we should support them. If not then they are the true refugees we should welcome.

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Anonymous said...

This post is a masterpiece im going to keep tuned to the Britannia radio link in future

Anonymous said...

Well said, GA. There is a word which has no place in any true Briton's vocabulary, and that word is 'surrender'.

flychek said...

glad I found this site - It sickens me to see how we've been sold down the river by a bunch of self serving gutless politicians. EU dhimmwit Franco Frattini is calling for 20 million 'highly qualified' immigrants over the next few years. Oil and water is a great analogy because they don't mix.