Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Is this all they do?

Same old same

You have to hand it to the turnips. They really know how to demo. They can find something to be offended at anywhere in the world.

But after awhile of watching the latest demo and the latest images, it all gets rather tiring and you begin to think how much longer are we going to put up with their crap.

If a dog keeps yapping at your heels you eventually have enough of trying to calm the creature down and give it a good firm kick to the head. Sadly I am beginning to feel the same way about the brain dead zombie who follow the Cult of the Dead Paedophile.

But I just wish they would change the script, just now and again. Sure, I know they change the name of the person they currently wish dead and yes they occasionally change the name of the Country they currently wish down. But is is the same script.

Today, it is the turn of Sweden to feel the wrath of the sickos' of pysco land.

Its about another cartoon. This time of a dog with the head of their long dead child molester, Craphead Mohammed, drawn onto the body. Its not very good but hey, if it winds up the wooden tops it is fine by me. Anything that reveals their intolerance to anything and everything has got to be good.

No wonder their Countries are so piss poor that they have to come and sponge off the evil White Infidels rather than work. They are either praying five times a day, raping kids or demonstrating. Pathetic, sad zombies. Dangerous rabid zombies.

If you think the dog should be kicked then start voting BNP. Only the British National Party has the will to quarantine mad dogs until their deportation back to their Islam Pits of hell in the third world.


Celtic Morning said...

Another pic, another bunch of dopey goats holding their poster scribbles and waving clenched fists. You have the right idea GA, keep taking the piss and show the world how ridiculous they really are. They can only win if we let them.

Anonymous said...

Goats sacrificed to fix Nepal jet

A goat offering is a holy act for Hindu devotees
Nepal's state-run airline has confirmed that it sacrificed two goats to appease a Hindu god, following technical problems with one of its aircraft.

You may have read the above in todays bbc news.
I dont intend to get on an Nepal airways jet anytime soon.
But then if it fixed the aircraft maybe we should start slaughtering goats over here?

Would you like a BNP government?, then sacrifice a few goats. And I know where a lot of them hang out.
Westminster, Holyrood, every council in this land.
So lets get to slaughtering a few goats at the next election in your area.
No real goats will be harmed of course, only the dhimmi MPs and council crony goats can be dispatched quickly, peacefully at the stroke of a pen.
X marks the spot, mongrel goat out and BNP pedigree champion in.

Easy, like a Sunday morning.

Fidothedog said...

Good call on that one, I am awaiting Pakistani cheat(both with his ex-wife and on the cricket pitch) Imran Khan to chip in his couple of penny's worth.

He has been surprisingly quiet over the Swedish Modoggie cartoons.