Sunday, 2 September 2007

Pro Referendum Rally - Update


There is now just a matter of weeks before Brown signs the new EU Constitution Treaty, and so joins the long list of traitor Labour and Tory PMs - Heath, Wilson, Thatcher, Major and Blair - who have hammered the EU nails into the coffin of British freedom. It is important that we make a special effort to make it a matter of public record that the British National Party opposes this treason, practically as well as in principle. In addition, the continued spiral of demoralisation in the electorally irrelevent UKIP makes this a crucial time for the BNP to press to become seen as a major player in the Euro-realist, anti-EU camp.

You may already have seen on the Internet calls for patriots to get involved with the ambitious plans for a pro-Referendum Rally being organised by Dr. Jonathan Wilson. What you will not know is that Dr. Wilson - despite saying that all anti-EU bodies have been invited to join the rally - has refused to invite the BNP. Well, we're going anyway!

Either the rally will fall far below the 500,000 hoped for by the organisers (the likely result of the deliberate shutting out of the only anti-EU party with any serious nationwide organisational structure and a memvbership not propped up on zimmer frames) or it will be surprisingly successful. If the former, then we need to be there in serious numbers to show how central the BNP is to the fight for British freedom. If the latter, then we need to be well represented in the crowds so as to make them as large and effective as possible - and to win new recruits with a show of polite and well-behaved strength.

Being far more realistic than the naive anti-EU lobby, we do not believe that anything that we peasants do will 'force' Brown to have a Referendum. We know that the only way he'll call one is if he's sure he can win it - just as the Europhiles rigged the one in 1975. But that's not the point. The achievable aim is not to stop Brown acting undemocratically, but simply to raise public consciousness of the fact that he is acting undemocratically, and that the whole EU project lacks any democratic mandate. We don't care what Treaties the politicians sign, because - provided we can mobilise enough public anger - once we're in power we'll simply rip them up!

The process of getting that power will be greatly speeded up if we can bring on board more of the good-hearted but naive activists who are realising that they've been wasting their time with the UKIP sideshow and various paper anti-EU groups. The extract below from the latest from the Referendum Campaign shows very clearly how the whole thing - at the organisational stage as well as on the day itself - is almost custom-built as a giant recruitment opportunity for the British National Party. Please read their bulletin carefully and - without mentioning or giving away your BNP connection - register as a supporter and a local volunteer on their website.

When the organisers put you in touch with other local signatories, work with them to organise transport and maximum attendance (make sure that if you get involved with hiring transport that you insist on full payment in advance so as not to end up forking out for useless Tory types who fail to turn up if it rains!) We will produce the appropriate recruitments aids and finalise our precise plans when we have a better idea of how many demonstrators - and how many BNP activists - will be marching through Central London on Saturday 27th October.


The website
is operational.

Our next key milestone is 5,000 registered supporters. To achieve this you
can easily help by carrying out the following simple registration



6. Once we have 5,000 registered supporters I will group, by postal code,
those supporters who have volunteered for local campaigning and put them
in touch with others in their group. Once you receive your group list
waste no time in collectively developing your local campaign for the Pro
Referendum Rally.

8. Organise mass transport to the Rally


Anonymous said...

Can you put me in touch with the BNP organiser in the North East?

Ronbo said...

Best wishes from this side of the Pond! The EU must be stopped!!!

Cheers, Ronbo

The one and only member of the American National Party.

Mother Ecclesiastica said...

Australia supports YOU!

Fight for your Freedom!

Repudiate the European Union.

Rejoin the Anlo-Sphere!