Friday, 27 June 2008

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela - Murderer

Those of us who prefer the truth to the legend watched with disgust, the fawning of Western Politicians licking the rear end of a man who should have been hung for his crimes.

A mans' age does not exonerate the crimes he committed or authorised in his youth. The guilt remains. And just as aged concentration guards have been tracked down and punished, so to should Mandela have been punished.

The child killer likes to tell the following tale to all who will listen. He recounts how he and another terrorist leader, the late Oliver Tambo walked through Parliament square.

"When we saw the statue of Gen. Smuts near Westminster Abbey, Oliver and I joked that perhaps someday there would be a statue of us in its stead,"
Thankfully Tambo who amassed great wealth after coming to power now rots in hell. Let us pray Mandela soon joins him.

Nice work Mandela. One day there will be a statue to remember you done this

People forget, or rather some people choose to forget the truth. It was Mandela and Tambo who jointly authorised the bombing at the height of the rush hour that became known as the Church Street Massacre. Nineteen people, black and white died and hundreds were crippled and injured. Does cuprinol man, Peter Hain remember?

Remember this Peter? Did it make you feel good?

Yet the man who authorised it is worshiped and praised by the likes of Gordon Brown and Ken Livingstone. Traitors to their race and traitors to humanity.

They talk about Mandela's stand against apartheid and how many years he rightfully served in jail. Yet Mandela could have been released had he only agreed to renounce violence. He would not then and he does not now. The man is a terrorist who helped bring about the destruction of a beautiful land for both black and white.

South Africa is the hell on Earth that the people of that country now deserve for following such an animal. Let it burn and rot. Give no aid. Give no refuge. It is what they wanted.

And the statue? Leave it. But every year on Remembrance Day, visit it and leave wreaths in memory of the Country that Mandela destroyed and the millions of deaths he is responsible for.


Celtic Morning said...

If our politicians carry on like this it can only be a matter of time before Gerry Adams and Mugabe take their place alongside Mandela.If Red Ken had his way Mandela would have replaced Horatio on top of the column in Trafalgar Square.A country that votes such politicians into power deserves all it gets.

Fidothedog said...

Fucking brilliant, sir I salute you. I am now a convert to the BNP.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for telling the truth about the murdering Black terrorist Mandela. Only the leftist media conspiracy allows him to be seen as a saint. His real legacy is the crime ridden decaying South Africa of today where life is not valued at all. The black mafia in power does nothing to benefit the ordinary citizen, but simply preys on him - particularly if his white.

Anonymous said...

Switched on the tele last nnight to watch ITV news, a few minutes before it started. Saw a mass of writhing, screeching figures gyrating and screaming "Free Nelson Mandella." Prominent among them were a few specimens with white skins representing the brain washed, drug addled ,perverted community they sprang from and belong to. Two minutes of such rubbish was enough for me to see that the usual culprits, symbols of decadent Britain, were shamelessly parading their drug racked, diseased infested bodies for the world to see. "Free Nelson Mandella"?? Free Britain from the festering influence of people like Amy Winehouse, Annie Lennox and Elton John. Perhaps that would be a start to returning the country to sanity and moral decency. Celtic Morning