Friday, 13 June 2008

BNP after match reports

I do not know about you people but I also like to read the reports of our activists after a by-election other than just reading the cold results.

For many, the British National Party is not just a political party but also a family of friends and so we are always interested in what our kinsmen are doing, especially in their attempts to altert our fellow citizens to the peril they are in. Believe it or not, some of us actually look forward to these dispatches from the front lines.

Earlier I pointed to the Cumrian Patriots site who yesterday fought a by-election that managed to secure 20% plus of the votes for the BNP. Well they have posted an excellent report on their site and it is a trend I hope other branches and groups follow. Here you go with a cut n paste hot from Carlisle.

Upperby by-election result, Carlisle City Council.

Lab - 595
Lab - 515
LD - 428
Con - 346
BNP - 321 (Brian Allan)
BNP - 278 (Alistair Barbour)
Con - 275

Two seats were up last night, both were Labour and Labour have managed to hold the seats but with a vastly reduced majority.

2758 Votes were cast 599 for the British National Party Candidates giving us 21.72%

Last year in Upperby we poled 168 votes - 11% (one seat)

So we have just about doubled our vote and our % of the vote.

A very solid result, a very noticeable ....mood throughout the day and especially at the count. The reality felt by everyone in the count last night, in the Civic Centre, was that the British National Party are very much a permanent part of the political landscape in Carlisle.

I have witnesses a incredible transformation in how we are perceived and received, by - the electorate, the press, the other political parties and the none elected executive/ staff since we fought our first election in Carlisle-

We entered the democratic process 18 months ago at the Brampton County Council by-election, January 2007, as total novices and polled 88 votes, 6%. - We were "laughed at", and basically just looked down on by the "Status Quo"

They stopped seeing anything funny about us just 3 months later 1st May 2007, when we entered our second election in Carlisle. But with six candidates this time. By the night of the count the reality of our vote was hitting home - 1187 votes and 23,4% in Currock not far off winning a seat.

That night, on mass, councillors, executive, THE MP - Eric Martlew - being the very worst of them all - behaved in a vicious, threatening, hostile, horrible manner, they called us Nazi scum, some of our candidates wife's actually left the count in tears - Disgraceful.

We reacted this time - by not reacting at all, except afterwards when we launched standard board complaints, electoral commission complaints, reports and obtained advice and the written regulations. We approached the police and now have a dedicated liaison officer whom accompanies us to counts. We learn fast, we adapt and we grow.

1st May 2008, we fight....9 seats (10 as it has turned out) more than half the city and we take just under 3000 votes, we poll 29.6% (1 in 3) . The count is ........tense but civil, we don't accept abuse or nastiness now and they are most assuredly NOT FINDING ANYTHING EVEN REMOTELY FUNNY. They unleash everything they have to keep us out - 9 different slander leaflets, per ward, culminating with the A4 picture of the pile of dead bodies featured in a older post. The money, manpower, media and propaganda unleashed on us this May was stunning, yes it worked but it will not work work again, diminishing effects from the negative campaigns of lies and insane allegations.

The only way to keep winning against us it to actually take all that time, effort, money and motivation and........ do good work as elected councillors, be trustworthy, hardworking and give the people some small hope of a decent future! So in other words - mission impossible for the dysfunctional Calisle Labour Group.

So we come to last night.. and everything has changed. We now have 5 town and Parish councillors, we have resources, growing members and a rock solid vote that will next time see us in a position to realistically target AND WIN SEATS. They were the most nervous, scared and resigned bunch I have ever seen. They simply cannot keep resisting us, they are in decline and we are in the ascendancy, we are younger, More motivated and simply better than them - and of course we are better dressed and in general a far more aesthetically pleasing group. Its not fair really, they have just been in office and in power for...decades, they have every possible advantage over us - yet they will still somehow conspire amongst themselves to LOSE against us next time round.

No elections in Cumbria, in the near future, am very happy with that, some R & R is in order.

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