Thursday, 19 June 2008

Free Festivals and the Trade Unions

In a previous post about the not so young Turk, Boris (hit man) Johnson and the Rise Free Festival, I mentioned the Cuba Solidarity Campaign not being invited to attend this year. This despite being one of the mainstays of previous festivals that the people of Londonistan have been paying for since 1996.

But what interests me is this;

The union Unite has therefore decided to cease financially supporting the Latin American stage and dance at Rise. The Cuba Solidarity Campaign work with London's Latin American community who are often on the margins of the labour market.

The Latin American show had gone from strength to strength and was seen as one of the high points of the Rise Festival, displaying a part of London's diverse culture and community. This is a part that Johnson feels should be excluded.

Unite's London Regional Secretary, Steve Hart, tried to negotiate with the Mayor's Office to resolve the situation but has been told that although Unite is welcome to participate, it can not participate if it involves the Cuba Solidarity Campaign as its partner.
I wonder if the members of this Marxist led trade union knew what their membership fees were spent on and whether they approved? If you are a member of this discredited union then either help regain control of it or go join a patriotic union like the independent Solidarity. If you cannot do either, then hang your head in shame.

Well got to go but I might as well mention the Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival that is taking place later this year. Having forgot the real meaning of the Festival they are celebrating the senile terrorist and murderer, Nelson Mandelas birthday. More about the baby murdering bastard nearer the date. Let us hope they are stoking the fires of hell ready for him and a seat on his right for Peter Hain.

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