Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Brigitte Bardot found guilty of speaking the truth

Even when she was young, Brigitte never went clubbing

Brigitte Bardot, who some of you older guys will certainly remember, has been fined £11,500 and ordered to pay damages to two anti-free speech groups in Paris.

The court said that BB, had been found guilty of racial hatred when she wrote to Nicolas Sarkozy before he was President of France saying that the Moslems were destroying France. She also wrote;
"tired of being led by the nose by this population that is destroying us, destroying our country by imposing its acts."
A few sites have spoken out about the courage of Ms Bardot who has campaigned for many years against "France invaded by sheep slaughtering Muslims" and against the the cruel and barbaric practice of Halal in which the animals throat is hacked through whilst still conscious.

Ms Bardot has now been fined four times for speaking the truth/inciting racial hatred since 1997 and Dhimmi Prosecutor Anne de Fontette told the court she was seeking a tougher sentence than usual, adding: "I am a little tired of prosecuting Mrs Bardot."

Ms Bardot who is not in the best of health, did not attend the trial and wrote saying;
"I'm sickened by how (these organisations) are harassing me.''

"I will not shut up until stunning is carried out on animals before their ritual slaughter."
Well done Brigitte. A pity our own RSPCA did not have the courage to speak out as bravely. But then again the RSPCA has been controlled by the marxists for years and they are only ever going to attack farmers for what they see as class reasons. More about the RSPCA later.

Now I fail to see how Ms Bardot, who also received a two month suspended prison sentence, can be charged with inciting racial hatred. She was attacking the Cult of the Dead Paedophile over the way millions of sheep are slaughtered in France every year at the Moslem celebration of Aid el-Kebir. And the last I heard, the cancer of Islam was a pretend religion, not a race.

For those of you with a strong stomach you can see images over at this French site. Incidentally this festival of death also takes place in Our Country every year at many different locations. Eventually they will consolidate these events and then the slaughter will be on a grand scale. British Farmers have already been approached.

Of course France these days is run by cowards who have caved into the wishes of the five million(conservative estimate) moslems that have been allowed to infect their country. In fact, they caved in quicker than their army did back in 1939.

France, like Our oppressed Country does not have the courage to uphold freedom of speech and neither does any other country in Western Europe today. The only way to get Freedom of Speech back is to vote for the British National Party. Then people, in this country at least will be able to speak their mind without fear of imprisonment and finally outlaw this evil festival from Our Land.


Anonymous said...

Go Briggi!
You have got the balls to say what most of us dont have the guts to say. Shame on France for trying to impinge upon your free speech.

Anonymous said...


We have 13 terrorists registered as company directors.
Anyone wanting to know how unsafe this country is listen again to File on four.
Go to radio 4 site. use listen again facility.
SOCA. Girl guides could do a better job and the arrogance of the man fits very well when bloggers refer to Soca as the gestapo.
England a country safe for terrorists where government turn a blind eye.
It was scary indeed.
Checkout roads can now see the scensors ready for road pricing and monitoring our movements...Any labour voter now tell me again what objections you have to the BNP!

Well done Scarborough giving our soldiers discounts and a real welcome to Yorkshire!
The public upholding the covenant the politicians have broken.WWW.
Army rumour service give details.

Anonymous said...

My total support to miss Bardot, my heart aches when thinking of those poor innocent animals being slaughtered in the most cruel way, if muslims enjoy torture and murdering it's fine as long as they do it in their own countries but please dont' brign your savage traditions to Europe, we've moved on from that a long time ago (well, except Spain and its killing of the bulls)

Anonymous said...

Brigitte Bardot, who some of you old guys will remember!!! Come on GA, I'm one of those old guys and none of my age group, red blooded, not limp wristed, will ever forget the divine, nubile, BB for she was every real mans dream. Earthy, sexy, all woman. I'd better not go on or I may have a stroke! And then, in later life she morphed into what I call an animal nutter, one of those strange beings, usually female, who get themselves more concerned for animals, sickly sentimental, than they do for humans. She turned into a right nutter and I lost interest in her. But in her later life she has shown herself to be couragous, with far more back bone than most of her compatriots in her unswerving opposition to her beloved France being colonised and ethnically cleansed by the sons of the deserts, the insane devotees of the Cult of the Paedophile. Good for her, long may her fight continue though her age is against her. May she still inspire France's manhood, as she once used to do but this time inspire them to join her in her fight against this menacing and dangerous cult which started when the arabian nutcase, no doubt touched by the sun, claimed to have flown up to heaven on his winged horse, chatted to Allah and then come back down to tell other nutters all about it and for the rest of his life continue to fantasize and lie and dish out whatever instructions suited him at the given moment. And he did all this and still found time to violate young flowers of the desert, the dirty old sod. I am tempted to compare Brigitte with the late Oriana Fallaci, the great Italian patriot, author and journalist who died last year, continuing her fight against Europe's "enrichment" in her outspoken and passionate manner to the very end. Tempted, but no, BB, though her stance is brave and praiseworthy, can never be placed alongside Oriana, a candidate for posthumous honours if ever there was one. Celtic Morning.

Red Squirrel said...

I am saddened by this outrage!

"Convicted of provoking discrimination and racial hatred by writing that Muslims were destroying France".
But THEY are.
Brigitte Bardot was only speaking the truth,
But I forgot, silly me, acc0rding to the pc judiciary,
"The truth is not a defence"

LeedsLass said...

It's the fifth time she's been prosecuted. (Does she also condemn 'kosher' killing as well?) I think BB has lived a life which leads her away from people and the world. She speaks for animals, not people. She speaks from her own heart and shouldn't be condemned.

On the other hand, EU legislation is EU legislation and it's coming to a country, beginning with U and ending in K, in 2009. We really do need to rise and shine.

Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS. In response to Muslim terrorist threats following Miss Bardot’s comments, the French government has introduced a four-level security alert system.

The levels are, in order of mildest to most severe threats:


Vive la France !

Anonymous said...

Yep example to us all who dont Speak Up and what may happen to us that do!

I was told recently that a programme with Jamie Oliver cooked food with hahal meat for an apprently non-Muslim was only just as the closeing music/credits began and the programme was about to end that he announced that it was HalHal...

and he recently announced on his sainsbury commercial that the meat he as used (chicken) was up to RSPCA standards...

so what standard would that be???