Tuesday, 3 June 2008

High Hopes

One of our readers left the following comment on The Home of The Green Arrow:

GA, I continue to be overwhelmed by your output, your outstanding daily contributions to the cause of carrying the truth to anyone who cares to access your site. When Handel composed his "Messiah", he did so in a week of frenzied writing and afterwards commented. " I did think I did see all Heaven before me, and The Great God Himself." I feel sure thet you must also be inspired for your daily work. As Winston Churchill often commented. "Never give in."

Well anon. I tell you the truth. I would rather be playing Poker or playing Civilization IV on my computer then depressing myself each day. Not possible actually being always an optimist but sometimes just for a few minutes.

But for the last three decades I have been waiting for a political party like the British National Party to come along and show us how to recover Our Country and now every success of theirs drives me on. Soon has we have an MEP or MP I can stop. Having said that, that was my plan if we got a London Assembly member so I guess there is no stopping until it is over. I am in it for the duration.

I thought anon that you might like the above video. I quite like Sinatra singing but prefer the songs of Dean Martin or Tony Bennet but this clip is nice.


Anonymous said...

I'd consider the inane support of the BNP, and days spend behind the computer trying to convince yourself and others that this cocon of pessimism is the only reality out there, not a work of genius, but proff of delusions of grandeur. I enjoyed reading some output, but this self gratifying message has convinced me you're a total nutter.

The Green Arrow said...

anon 15:48 Thank you for your comment. Please feel free to leave any time you wish.

I suppose reading about the hunting and then murder of a child is something to celebrate in your sane world.

You may of course be right about me being a nutter but it works for me.

Anonymous said...

GA. Good reply to that plonker,an easy one to bat away. Liked the clip of ole blue eyes. I was a great fan of his thirty years ago and still have many of his best on cd. But High Hopes is more than just a catchy tune. It sums up the American (and BNP) outlook on life- all things are possible to those that believe and work toward it. It was I who sent the rather brown nosing comment on your site and your efforts and quoted Handel. I assure you that I am not usually one to grovel and lavish praise but you deserve it for your efforts in our cause. Forget about games and keep up the good work until our High Hopes are realised.

Anonymous said...

Hi GA,
Old sailor never die, they just sail on and on.
Inns Trapp

bernard said...

Out of the dozen or so of those photos of old blue eyes, there were only 4 of him without a hat.
I think GA should dedicate a whole posting to this very singular fetish. ;o)

Tomas said...

GA Please don't give up, yours is the first web page I come to in the morning & you keep me going all day. (I can't get out much) so please keep up the good work

Red Squirrel said...

Many Greetings Green Arrow!

Thank you for your kind comments about my blog. I cannot see you ever ceasing from spreading truth openly and with out deception.
An Inspirer in Jungian terms' wit, and besides you laugh at my Joke!. No Surrender!

If anonymous 1 wants to try to project some his own delusions onto my site he can. Sounds like his head is up his posterior. I don't moderate, comments, I just leave it on to show the mentality of the average Marxist or or to illu
t-speak innuendoes of the Turnip

I have a lot of material to post on The GA forum, it's mainly in my drafts. And i spent ages in photoshop adding faces to a picture of Brussels sprouts but need to read the tutorials.
night night
My friend

The Green Arrow said...

Good morning Red Squirrel. Here we go again another day.

Looking forward to your material on the forum. Good or bad it is always welcome as is the work of others.

Like they say RTFM and you will soon be upto speed on photoshop. We really need more people with those skills.

Especially if they can be pointed at subjects.

With regards to your blog, I hope you never have to enable moderation but if the red rubbish or turnpis target you, you will be forced to.

Good Luck my friend.