Monday, 2 June 2008

BNP Councillor sacked

I sincerely hope that the people responsible for the dismissal of this patriotic man remember that the political wheel is turning.

To be stripped of a pension in your old age is a terrible thing, as many have found out under Labour. The British National Party never forgets.


odin said...

That's bloody disgusting, how can belonging to a legal political party be racist?

Anonymous said...

where are we China?

political descrimination.
whats the next logical step - the gulags.

by sticking their heads up they expose themselfs clearly as the enemy of the people.

the BNP should work night and day to expose and undermine the unions as Labours corrupt boot boys.

Anonymous said...

This must be against our human rights? freedom from political oppression, the human rights they hold up when they let terrorists stay in the country.

so this is the unions standing up for workers eh?

welcome to communist Britain.

Anonymous said...

The new statesman tried their bias and here goes...
01 May 2008 at 21:50
I have been a BNP member for some time now. I used to be a Labour voter and activist. I also helped Ken on his campaign for Mayor in 2000. My husband and two sons work in the banking sector, and l am a housewife. The people l have come to know in this party run rings around people l met over time in the Labour party, Yes, the BNP are a mix of people, from all professions. I know an accountant, a lawyer, a builder, a teacher, a cleaner, and a security guard etc; We have a Jewish councillor in Epping, and that looks to expand as many Jews are joining the party. I do not recognise Mr Travers views of the members at all. They are good people who care about this country. Who else speaks for us, the white population? We didn't fight in two world wars, in order to hand this country over a few years later to people from the third world , who are happy to live here with all that entails, whilst not careing a jot about what was once our beautifal land. I for one am not about to let that happen, And thinking of us as a bunch of wierdos Mr Travers, is rank stupididy.

Matt J
01 May 2008 at 22:54
While reading this article I saw something that irritated me so much that I have registered to this site just to comment on it.

The author likens Richard Barnbrook, the BNP mayoral candidate, to a Rhodesian colonist as he hands out flyers in London. Forgive me if I am wrong, but I believe Richard Barnbrook and most of his supporters are NATIVE to Britain. Furthermore, British National Party is a political party that is controversal largely because it stands for Indiginous Brits and against immigration. So for the author to describe the native inhabitants of London as foreign colonists (immigrants) is something I found absolutely frightening.

This sort of talk may be intended purely as a random smear against the BNP, but denying the Native inhabitants of a land their Native status is a terrible thing to do. Under international treaty it is a violation of their Human Rights and for good reason, denying Natives their status is normally only done by those intending to persecute those Natives.

As a person who has experienced violent anti-"White" racism in school and the lack of options "White" people have after such an attack. I know why the BNP are neccessary and why people who would deny people of Native British or European descent the same rights to self-determination and protection from discrimination that all other peoples are granted need to be exposed and stopped. These people often seem to think they are doing the right thing, but they aren't and are blind to their double-standards.

I respect all peoples and cultures and most of my friends are not White. However I recognize the uniqueness of my people and culture and want it to survive. I want to be able to have children and grow old and not find myself a stranger wherever I go. A person with no homeland, like the Jews before Israel was recreated.

For that reason and others I hope the BNP do well in this election to show people like this author that the Native Londoners will not accept being treated like "colonists" and "Rhodesians" in their own homeland!

02 May 2008 at 03:52
The reason people vote BNP is because they talk like most of the British people! This article in itself is politically correct...too afraid to be open and honest about the mess that Britain is in through over crowding and an infrastructure that can't cope. As for the BNP being some kind of lesser government or beings; who is responsible for the illegal war in Iraq and the thousands of lives that have been lost? Who is responsible for the web of deceit regarding weapons of mass destruction? Who is ripping off tax payers left, right and centre by claiming allowances for second homes and the rest? Who is accepting cash for honours? Let’s not forget some of the other scandals...Major and Edwina, Mellor and his infamous toes sucking antics, Archer and his time serving...and the list goes on. What a load of bloody hypocrites and scoundrels we have in the main three parties. No wonder GB is on her knees. At least the BNP have a love of the country, the rest of them are lining their pockets, bogging it under with immigrants...even our immigrants are sick to death of immigration. And what is being done about violent crime? We have Muslim no go areas, black gang violence. Don't talk to me about the BNP having no values. If something isn't done about GB soon she'll sink under the politically correct BS. There will be no more Great Britain. Wake up for God sakes. This article is no more than the rest of the BS propaganda we're sick to death of.