Monday, 2 June 2008

Why you need BNP Councillors

Mr Kirk wonders just where he left that apostrophe

No this is not about the bin collecting policies of councils and why they want you to empty your own rubbish. That is, when they eventually decide to come and pick it up for them to sell on to recycling companies.

Nor is it about them having the rights to enter your home and look through your bedroom window to see if you have a nice view so they can increase your rates.

Neither is it about their armies of parking wardens rushing around towns like Starksy and Hutch on speed, to see who can clamp the most vehicles.

No, today this is about the morons in councils who are referring would be squatters to a marxist site that provides a guide on how to break into other peoples property.
The squatters' handbook advises them to force entry through back entrances or open windows, carry a crowbar and claim they are 'clearing the drains' if stopped.

The guide, from the Advisory Service for Squatters, describes how to take apart locks and fit new ones.

It also recommends putting a legal warning on the door stating it is a criminal offence to try to remove squatters by force.
Currently the Councils recommending the above actions are Durham, Doncaste, Hackney, Islington, Brent, Camden and Hounslow but as the Home Office is a big fan of the Advisory Service you can bet other councils will follow suit. The booklet goes on to say;

• Break in during the day and wear council-style overalls to avoid suspicion.

• Deactivate alarm sensors with Sellotape and muffle the sound of alarm bells with a few coats.

• Once the home is secured, get the kettle on.

Apply for council tax benefit as soon as you move in.

• Cite the Human Rights Act 1998 if the gas and electricity firm won't reconnect you. Cite the Water Industry Act 1999 if the water firm tries to disconnect you.

The guide boasts: 'Only a small minority of squatters ever get nicked - squatting is not a crime. If anyone says it is, they are wrong. With a few exceptions, if you can get into an empty building without doing any damage, and can secure it, you can make it your home.'

All good stuff. Still want to go on holiday? Anyhow driving on to the second part of the post.

There are many people, especially female, in this enriched country of ours that have lived or in some cases not, to regret taking a taxi driven by one of the colonisers, whose only words of English seem to be "Fifty Pounds or else". Or else, usually being assault of a violent or sexual nature.

So you can bet that most True British people would prefer a white taxi driver to deliver them home. But not so it seems Bournemouth Council.

They have just refused to renew a private-hire licence for a Mr Kirk because he is unsure of where to place an apostrophe. I know the feeling well Mr Kirk but I have never been stopped by the police for it. Yet.

Bournemouth is the first authority to insist on cab drivers taking a Business and Technical Education Council qualification in 'Transporting Passengers By Taxi and Private Hire'. A three hour exam that Mr Kirk failed.

The prime council clown is the principal licensing officer for the council, Steve Wright who spouted a load of hot air and crap with:
'The test allows us to assess the candidate's abilities and understanding to enable us to offer the right support in order to fulfil the further requirements in gaining their licence. These include a local knowledge test as well as the BTEC required by the council.'
OK, leaving aside the question as to why this test is necessary other than for keeping the staff of our ever expanding bureaucracy occupied. One wonders if it will be applied to the numerous taxi drivers from the colonisers who seem to have a monopoly on taxis in certain cities and towns of Our Country. Or will they be exempt for special reasons? What do you think?

In fact I think the test should be applied to all Traffic Wardens, Police Officers, Civil servants, Councillors, Nurses and anyone else you care to add to the list.

Except students. You cannot blame them for not knowing where to place an apostrophe. They have never been taught about them.

Oh and bloggers. They should be exempt also. I am sure your all in agreement he said with his tongue firmly embedded in his cheek.

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Anonymous said...

They feed off capitalism and excrete communism...someone said in ref to fabians a little more light is shone on their policy...that of no private property has seen in in squatter's lessons.
Several years ago i had squaters in a house i'd bought for a reason.
Having decided not to leave it empty just rent out at a min rental.
A couple gained the key saying they wanted to view, it took three years elec and gas turned off. police intervention etc etc then a court case to get the scum out.
The damaged cooker etc had to be thrown out it was a complete mess.
And now councils encourage this behaviour it's a pointer to where we shortly are headed.
My council is on the list, lets hope a squatter takes over a council guys home!
At the time i was almost suicidal with all the stress. at least in those days the police were good...advised me to knacker the guys car by putting sugar into his tank.
Christians warned not to try converting anyone in Birmingham yet it's ok for muslims.
One guy said; we get more racial abuse from muslims than ever they get from whites. they shout abuse when we refuse their chat about islam.

G.B.Shaw [fabian] within 100 years i'd like to see islam rule England.nay Europe! 1936.
I think that makes this Labour/Fabian governments intentions very clear!!