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Muslims are no longer welcome

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Muslims are no longer welcome. So says the Independent. Get real guys. They were never welcome by those who had learned the horror of Islam from history. They were never welcome by those concerned with the flooding of Our Towns, Cities and Country with colonisers and now they are no longer welcome by the awakening True British People.

It is about time the turnips really understood that they are not wanted and neither is their vicious evil Cult of the Dead Paedophile. Time for Hegira. Go.

They are not welcome in any part of Our Country and their increasing numbers of religious centres are certainly not wanted and so when people like Tipo Choudhury, a restaurant owner currently assisting in the colonisation of Penzance buy up former chapels and convert them into religious training centres they should not be surprised if local people react and speak out. As did Councillor Thomas Hill;
"People are afraid to speak out because of political correctness," he said. "Some residents have intimated to me privately that it would change the character of the area. In light of the Exeter bombing, which happened only a week or so before it was announced, it was unfortunate timing. There has been unease among certain quarters."
And it is understandable that there is unease amoungst the indigenous population. They are not stupid. They have seen what happens once the maggot of Islam embeds itself firmly body of an host community. The Community, sickens and eventually flees or dies.

So obviously, whilst not condoning the nailing of a pig's head to the former chapel and the painting of KKK on the walls, I can understand the anger and fear of those people who would do such a thing.

What worries me is the report in the same article, that so called racist crimes have gone up to 802 in the last year. For Gods sake what did the "elite" expect when you dump a pile of rubbish in someones front room, people are going to get annoyed. Of course they should not get violent but they should damn well scream the house down and make their stupid, self serving local politicians understand they do not want to be "enriched". And if the turnips hear the screams good. The British People have been silent for too long. Make a noise.

The blame for any violence caused in any area as a result of colonisation should be nailed to the door of the politicians who have betrayed the British People.

It is also interesting to see that the local UAF have opened their red mouths.
"If people are prepared to do this, to sneak out in the middle of the night and run the risk of arrest, what next? The community is feeling very vulnerable,"
Yes, whatever next. Red paint and reds usually go together. Time for a bit of lateral thinking here Mr Plod.

Ending on a positive note. This story as been picked up in Pakistan. Good. The people of Pakistan who are desperate to escape that hell hole and turn Our Home into one should realise they really are not welcome here.

And if the Dhimmi traitors and morons who support the Lib/Lab/con want to know what to do about illegal immigrants then go to Pakistan where they are currently in the process of deporting two million unwanted "guests" who have entered their country. Some of whom have been in Pakistan for over 27 years. Thanks for showing us how do to do it.


Anonymous said...

I note how the class it as racist attacks, I didn't realise islam was a race.
When the Dhimmies eventually wake up they will regret letting turnips anywhere near them.

Anonymous said...

Cornwall suffered more than any other part of Britain thanks' to islamic pirates in the 1600s [Barbary] the memory stamped in their DNA when the then British government turned their back on those British people removed by force from their churches on sunday mornings where the pickings were good [all in one place]
Removed to Morroco to a life of slavery rape and cruelty.
Book white gold published in 2005 with the story of one guy that escaped back to Cornwall.
HRH Charles tried to build a mosque a couple of years back there it being his own little kingdom.
The BNP blamed agaib WOW WEEE Naughty BNP Wanting to prevent another jihad against the Cornish folk.
Having caught nobody, strange how the dhimmi cops can blame any section of the community.
How many crimes do the dhimmis solve nowadays 1%?
Pity they don't police and stop protecting and promoting islam.
Silence in the media. no cries regards racist Pakistan using forced repatriation....Ups forgot that only applies to whites.


Anonymous said...

Radical Islam is a threat and a serious one, of course it is. But the biggest threat is so-called "moderate Islam". I believe that we will eventually react to radical Islam and take steps to kill it off so that it no longer would threaten us. But "moderate Islam" is an insiduous snake that will creep up and slither into our country until it entwines its coils about us tightly, making it harder to defeat. It will remain "moderate Islam" until it it feels secure enough and strong enough to apply the final pressure and crush the life out of its unsuspecting-and even collaborating- victim. Two snakes, one venomous the other a constrictor. The quickest way to kill any snake is to cut off its head. How strange. Isnt that what Islam is so fond of? Celtic Morning.

Anonymous said...

Brown is today cosying up to the Wahabbis in Saudie Arabia cap in hand asking for money to build some renewables.
Not a thought about his carbonm footprint as for oil prices Bush went they said yes; then promtly put the price up.
When the PM Deals with radical islam he's not about to get hard on them here.
Hope he's not selling off another city to muslims.
5 killed in Afghanistan but all day the bbc just say foreigners i know a Polish soldier has been killed it's leaving a sickly feeling in my stomach.
Waiting for the western government's to sort out any islamics is futile hell will freeze over first.
Too busy making money from sharia banking and bonds etc to give a sxxx about the people.
Anyway the EU has a deal to honour to muslims thanks' to the German/Franco 70s continent giveaway.

Anonymous said...

The depths of their Satanic depravity knows no limits

Anonymous said...

"The core of the Big Lie is to always claim to be the victim first and to blame your worst atrocities on someone else.

9/11? Oh that was only because America has troops in Saudi Arabia. 7/11? Because Britain has troops in Iraq. Car burnings in Paris? That's because of French racism. Rapes in Sweden? That's because the infidel women disrespect Muslim culture by walking around without their Burqas on.

The common denominator of course is that someone else is always to blame for Muslim atrocities.

The fusion of the perpetual sense of victimization with the "Tiny Minority of Extremists" meme means that the same self-nullifying excuse always comes up.

1. Terrorism is the product of a tiny minority of extremists

2. Terrorism only exists because Muslims are constantly being victimized

The blackmail inherent in this train of thought is that the only way to prevent the Vast Majority of Moderate Muslims from grabbing their scimitars and suicide bombing belts and going on a killing spree, is with large doses of appeasement. And that indeed is the policy proposal that repeatedly comes up. Buy off the "Moderate Muslims" to isolate that mythical "Tiny Minority of Extremists".

Anonymous said...


"What won't happen is any meaningful, critical engagement of Islamic intolerance and the unequality of believers and unbelievers, and of men and women under Islamic law. In fact, the most likely result of this occasion will be a joint statement asserting that all major religions are peaceful and condemn the killing of "innocents" (a term always left undefined so that the uninitiated will assume the best), and that Islam "respects" other religions, so the rest of the world should straighten up, fly right, and respect Islam, too, and stop identifying it with oppression and terrorist acts. Thus, one can hardly call the event a dialogue; a more accuriate term is "interfaith monologue."

Anonymous said...

Orwell essay on England and the English..................
pop was 45 million when he wrote it.
In intention, at any rate, the English intelligentsia are Europeanized. They take their cookery from Paris and their opinions from Moscow. In the general patriotism of the country they form a sort of island of dissident thought. England is perhaps the only great country whose intellectuals are ashamed of their own nationality. In left-wing circles it is always felt that there is something slightly disgraceful in being an Englishman and that it is a duty to snigger at every English institution, from horse racing to suet puddings. It is a strange fact, but it is unquestionably true that almost any English intellectual would feel more ashamed of standing to attention during ‘God save the King’ than of stealing from a poor box. All through the critical years many left-wingers were chipping away at English morale, trying to spread an outlook that was sometimes squashily pacifist, sometimes violently pro-Russian, but always anti-British. It is questionable how much effect this had, but it certainly had some. If the English people suffered for several years a real weakening of morale, so that the Fascist nations judged that they were ‘decadent’ and that it was safe to plunge into war, the intellectual sabotage from the Left was partly responsible. Both the New Statesman and the News Chronicle cried out against the Munich settlement, but even they had done something to make it possible. Ten years of systematic Blimp-baiting affected even the Blimps themselves and made it harder than it had been before to get intelligent young men to enter the armed forces. Given the stagnation of the Empire, the military middle class must have decayed in any case, but the spread of a shallow Leftism hastened the process.

It is clear that the special position of the English intellectuals during the past ten years, as purely negative creatures, mere anti-Blimps, was a by-product of ruling-class stupidity. Society could not use them, and they had not got it in them to see that devotion to one's country implies ‘for better, for worse’. Both Blimps and highbrows took for granted, as though it were a law of nature, the divorce between patriotism and intelligence. If you were a patriot you read Blackwood's Magazine and publicly thanked God that you were ‘not brainy’. If you were an intellectual you sniggered at the Union Jack and regarded physical courage as barbarous. It is obvious that this preposterous convention cannot continue. The Bloomsbury highbrow, with his mechanical snigger, is as out-of-date as the cavalry colonel. A modern nation cannot afford either of them. Patriotism and intelligence will have to come together again. It is the fact that we are fighting a war, and a very peculiar kind of war, that may make this possible.


Al qaeda rep here let out of nick..
lives in £800.000 house over last few years his wife's benefit bill
£180.000 so say's telegraph reporter. he's in dis benefits bad back...

Anonymous said...

Too fat for their jeans, but Labour still think like Trots
peter hitchins a once insider speaks out.

Just as there are still Japanese soldiers in the jungles of Borneo, unaware that they should have surrendered 63 years ago, there are still people who think ‘New Labour’ is Right-wing.

I’ve tried to get the message across to them, ever since the whole Blair project began.

This is the most revolutionary government since Oliver Cromwell, dedicated to overthrowing the moral, social and cultural order of this country.

Bt simpleton Labour Leftists (who want to nationalise Mr Whippy vans, Starbucks and eBay) and dimwit Tories (who likewise don’t grasp that the battlefield has shifted) just don’t get it.

Ex-Trot: Minister of State at the Home Office said he used to be a radical

The truth is – and I know it because I was a Sixties Trotskyist myself – that the Blair-Brown Labour Party is crammed full of unreformed revolutionaries.

That’s why the MI5 files of that era have been so zealously destroyed.

I tried to obtain my own docket and was refused on feeble grounds.

The fact is that mine went in the incinerator along with Peter Mandelson’s, John Reid’s and many others whose interesting pasts are much-rumoured around Westminster, but impossible to prove.

But now you don’t have to take my word for it.

Last week, my lonely warnings were confirmed in an astonishing public statement by Tony McNulty, Minister of State at the Home Office.

Mr McNulty was sucking up to a pro-liberty group, who didn’t think much of his enthusiasm for jailing people without trial.

Believing that everyone there was a Leftist like him, he tried to win them over with these words: ‘I know it’s terribly hard to believe but I used to be radical myself.

'I used to think that politics was about selling excuse was I was very, very young but, you know, like a lot of government, I’m an ex-Trot.’

Now, I don’t find it hard to believe at all.

Looking at the bland, prosperous faces of the Parliamentary Labour Party I see my generation, the ones who between about 1965 and 1975 learned to loathe patriotism, the Armed Forces, proper policing, proper schools, traditional religion, marriage, the Monarchy and all the other things that ‘alternative’ comedians are paid handsomely to sneer at on the BBC.

What a conformist bunch we were.

And how hard we were on anyone who broke ranks – as I discovered when my direct experiences of Communist countries and of the inner workings of the Labour Party persuaded me to change my mind.

Hardly a week has passed since when I haven’t been gratuitously mocked or personally insulted by my former comrades.

These people haven’t changed their minds. They haven’t the courage, the character or the experience to do so.

They’re too fat for the jeans and they’ve lost the hair, but they still think what they thought back then.

Mr McNulty’s totalitarian belief in imprisonment without trial – justified, of course, by supposedly noble ends – comes straight from his revolutionary teens.

Trotsky would have approved.

*I’ll post the full quote from Mr McNulty on my blog later this week.

Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

Just ask any Indian Man or Woman about Islam. I have many times. I count a good number of Indian people among my familiars and until you hear from the horses mouth the barbaric nature of this death cult, such as the bloodbaths of 1948 and since, you cannot truly appreciate the magnitude of the threat we face. They view the future of Britain with more trepidation than most of us and with good reason.

I doubt there is a single Indian over 40 in Britain that has not lost relatives or friends or been touched in some harsh way by Islam. Ironically that is the very reason they came here to find safety. So unless we do something about it soon we will share that shattering experience our selves.

Pip pip

Anonymous said...

When I served in the CIA in the early 60�s we were trained to eliminate anyone mostly good Government officials in foreign countries especialy the middle eastern and Africans who had the guts to stand up to the US foreign policies whether it was right or wrong. Unknowingly I followed these orders with pride. But the saddest day was when my Mentor JFK was blown away by Zionist assassins and slipped away from the dragnet of the greatest democracy of the world. Back then, we were given strict orders to keep are mouths shut or be put in jail if we devulge the perpritators. I later retired with saddness. Looking back all JFK wanted was this world to live in peace instead, look how Zionist are spreading hatred with all communities in world. They are a small bloody community but they can rule through proxy. It�s a shame that my birth country cannot get rid of them. Look at all those hatred they spread in these blogs instead of spreading peace in the hearts of mankind. When will we learn???

Anonymous said...

deares colonel W B.Did u know once
A Zionist dressed as a white Ninja who purchased a Gasoline bouzer a day earliar for twice the market price, sprays out gasoline on to a passing pilgrim train which heads to a Holy site and sets the pilgrim train on fire. While screams of horror and agony are deafning the train speeds away while the poor Pilgrims are roasted and Zion inhales the distant roasted flesh which tempts him to do more roasting as he has experienced regular barberques and Car bombs and would you believe trained suicide bombers in most places in the world.His past training ground The State of isreal has payed him handsomely for all thses good deeds. He planted car bombs that killed his own people and even managed to get lunatics from his countries ghetos to go to schools and murder little children. So convincing and well versed with all faiths is he.that he informs The local polize and bribez the polize with briefcases of euro denominations, to make statement that this waz done by a muzlim. He further infoarms the world media which his relatives controls ,that the muzlims have set fire to a Holy train. Then the Zionist instigate the local tugs by hiring them to riot and go on rampage by setting fire to the properties of innocent people in the name of holly war to drive away and rape the women folk and children and kill the men and boys.
The entire State of this country is in destruction as properties vandalised, burning of innocent victims of this unjust violence are either perished and /or distabalised or even maimed, the Zionists takes pride of his accomplishment and plans his next tour of duty all in the name of Zion, holding his Lion heart all the way with his nose pointing up in the air vispering tod ay hindu -.Muzlim problem next I start Shia- sunni problem in pakiland .

bill.p said...

MONDAY, JUNE 23, 2008
Rape in the Gare du Midi
by Baron Bodissey

There's been a lot of talk here recently about theincreased incidence of rapes, many of them committed by Muslim immigrants, in both Europe and Australia. We've highlighted the situation in Sweden, Norway, and Britain. Now it's time to look at Belgium as well.

A reader drew my attention to this news article from the Belgian site La Dernière Heure, which I have translated from the French:

Raped in the middle of the station

21-year-old Lola was attacked by two men. Some commuters witnessed it but did not react

Saint-Gilles It is an indignant father, disgusted and outraged, who speaks to us. "My daughter was raped in the Gare du Midi. In Brussels. Capital of Europe. With total impunity."

It was June 12. "My daughter was returning from Waterloo. It was 9:00 pm. On exiting the train, she headed for the Bancontact." A public passage. Yet this is where the tragedy took place.

"Right in the middle of a station. But how is this possible?" continues the father of Lola, who is 21 years old. "Two men accused her of not wearing the veil. My daughter is pretty. She is blonde with blue eyes."

Everything happened very quickly after that. "One of the assailants took out a knife. My daughter was pushed up against the wall of Bancontact. With a knife at her throat, one of the boys raped her. The other watched."
- - - - - - - - -

It was 9:00 pm. It was still light, and outside the station was far from empty. "People were passing by. My daughter is confident that she saw at least three people. None of them stopped to help her."

The rape ended, and the attackers departed calmly. "They were two North Africans. They did not even wear hoods. And don't tell me that I am a racist because I mention their origin! My daughter was raped because she was not wearing a veil. That's the truth!"

Lola went to see her girlfriend. "Do I have to tell you what kind of state she was in?" A few minutes later, the young woman was hospitalized.

Obviously, a complaint was filed. "The police were very professional. Her clothes were removed as evidence. DNA was extracted."

But, alas, the culprits are still at large… "Following the death of Joe Van Holsbeeck, it was proclaimed loud and clear that there would be more security at stations. With my daughter, you have proof that nothing has changed. There are no cameras around the Gare du Midi, which is still one of the most popular stations."

Marc is bitter. "I'll have no more of this Belgium where everything is permitted. It leaves lawless areas like that with young people adrift. These rapists wanted only one thing: to abuse my daughter, to possess and denigrate her because she was not like they hear that girls should be… It's a disgrace."

Rape by gangs of immigrant is an assertion of dominance, and in that sense it is a political act. It says, "We are in charge here, and we do as we please with non-Muslims. No one may stop us; we operate with impunity."

If the Belgium government fails to prove such assertions wrong, then immigrant-dominated areas of the country will become de facto Muslim states
evil islam was imposed on iran

Anonymous said...

The Creator also states in the Qur'an (translated): [2:136] Say (O Muslims): We believe in Allah and that which is revealed to us and that which was revealed to Abraham, and Ishmael, and Isaac, and Jacob, and the tribes, and that which Moses and Jesus received, and that which the prophets received from their Lord. We make no distinction between any of them, and to Him we have surrendered. [42:36-38] So whatever thing you are given, that is only a provision of this world's life, and what is with Allah is better and more lasting for those who believe and rely on their Lord, and those who shun the great sins and indecencies, and whenever they are angry they forgive, and those who respond to their Lord and keep up prayer, and their rule is to take counsel among themselves, and who spend out of what We have given them. Allah orders us in this verse to conduct our matters by taking counsel among ourselves, or by consulting each other. This is the methodology of the Islamic state, to consult one another, but to always keep the Qur'an and Sunnah paramount. Any law which contradicts the Qur'an or Sunnah is unlawful. This broad principle of consultation is certainly wide enough to encompass a form of government where all are heard - in fact, encouraged to be heard. The early Islamic states were of this form. The petty governments of many `Muslim countries' today do not apply this principle and in fact commit many crimes against the people. [4:124] If any do deeds of righteousness - be they male or female - and have faith, they will enter Paradise, and not the least injustice will be done to them. [33:35] For Muslim men and women, for believing men and women, for devout men and women, for truthful men and women, for men and women who are patient and constant, for men and women who humble themselves, for men and women who give in charity, for men and women who fast, for men and women who guard their chastity, and for men and women who engage much in Allah's praise, for them has Allah prepared forgiveness and great reward. The Qur'an and Sunnah repeat over and over again that Allah only favors one person over another based on that person's awareness, consciousness, fear, love, and hope of Allah). All other criteria are excluded: gender, ethnic group, country, ancestry, etc. Given that Allah does not favor one gender over the other in His attention to us (and it helps to remember that Allah is neither male nor female), On misconception, there is a great deal more to write, most of it showing how current practices in many Muslim lands go against what the Qur'an and Sunnah have ordained, lands in which women are treated as property (unIslamic), are not educated (unIslamic), are forbidden their economic rights (unIslamic), and more. On this point in particular, we encourage everyone to consult the Qur'an and Sunnah from people who practice before incriminating Islam. Always remember that Islam is a complete way of life from the Creator, and that Muslims are people who claim to follow that way of life. A Muslim may claim to follow Islam, but be wrong. In the end, God is the judge.

Anonymous said...

Dear bill.p
Rape in every part of the world is punishable by law. what i did not understand is that why did those people who witness this incident just ignore. What are the Police doing about it. Cant the police put them in death row??? DNA sample could have been taken???
Its a Shame