Thursday, 12 June 2008

Are the police a waste of space?

All right, I will go along with what some of you say and accept that there are still some good police officers out there, and I will repeat that I have yet to meet one, and then we can move on.

Two cases to highlight what is wrong with the Police Service today and why most of their Senior Officers will have to be replaced before we can get a Police Service that serves the community and not one that is used for gathering random taxes and reducing the number of doughnuts in the community.

A young mechanic called Tony, is furious with police who failed to turn up to his 999 call, after he had been attacked, bitten and threatened with an hypodermic needles when a thug attempted to steal his car.

"I just stood there and phoned 999. He ran off down Long Riding."

An ambulance crew arrived, but more than an hour later police still hadn't shown up so paramedics radioed to find out how long they would be.

But officers instead asked Tony to make his own way to the police station.

He said: "It is unacceptable the police can't even attend an incident like this.

"They told me they have to prioritise all of their calls, but is someone being attacked with a needle not a priority?

Silly mechanic. Of course it is not a priority. You should not have mentioned the needle. The police don't want any of that nonsense. Besides they have more urgent calls to deal with, like this one:
POLICE are keen to trace an Asian family who it is thought were the victims of racial abuse.

Officers were called to Chapel Road, Worthing, at around 6.45pm on Monday, June 9, after a witness reported several men were shouting verbal abuse at the family.

Police rushed to the scene, but before they arrived the family had left.

They were able to take the details of the men thought to have shouted abuse, but until the family is traced the investigation cannot go any further.
See how they "rushed" to the scene when they thought a turnip was being attacked? You should have said you were an enricher being attacked by whites and not only would the police have been there in seconds, but you would have had the Daily Mail right behind them with a cheque in one hand and a petition calling for a memorial to be build in the other.


Anonymous said...

I would recommend that if you want the police to arrive quickly, you claim that there has been a racial aspect to the crime - you´ll find patrol cars, a van, dog handlers and a police helicopter are there in seconds.

Seriously, it works!

watling said...

This is the order in which the police prioritise reported incidents, and how they respond:

1. Alleged murder of non-white person by white person:

Response: 20 squad cars, 10 dog teams, 2 mobile police stations, 2 teams of counsellors, 2 helicopters (one carrying the Chief Constable, the other carrying the Prime Minister) and a 50-strong team of BBC reporters all salivating profusely.

All arrive within 5 minutes. All surrounding streets cordoned off. Road blocks set up on all routes leading in and out of town. News flashes interrupt all TV channels.

2. The merest hint of racist language or behaviour by whites against non-whites:

Response: 10 squad cars, 5 dog teams, a team of counsellors, a helicopter carrying the Chief Constable and a 20-strong team of BBC reporters. All arrive within 10 minutes. All surrounding streets cordoned off.

3. Murder of white person by non-white person:

Response: 1 rookie beat bobby and a trainee PCSO arrive a week later. The PCSO tries to fix police tape across the crime scene but it falls down and blows away.

4. Racist language or behaviour by non-whites against whites:

Response: 5 squad cars arrive to arrest the white victim for being "intolerant of the wonderful diversity of our gloriously multicultural nation".

Anonymous said...

I have again visited the Pakistani girl's blog and unfortunately her psychological condition continues to deteriorate. She is now showing signs of paranioa.

Cousin-marriage is obviously a factor to be considered, but it may well be that all the Mufa Khathat with her father when she was a toddler has done something Freudian to her.

The Green Arrow said...

Anon: Re the crazy pakistani girl. I guess you go there for a laugh. Since I realised she was deranged I have not bothered. By all accounts she has a bit of a fixation on me.

Oh well she will not be the first or the last.

Seriously, she is not worth responding to.

Anonymous said...

Talking of police did you notice the ex copper stabbed to death in a little peaceful Welsh village. Press speculation is that it was a vigilante job. The copper had been found with over 2000 pervert images of children on his pc, some of the very highest( should that be lowest?) perversion category. He had just moved in and was certainly not wanted there.About time we started to take the law into our own hands. If the courts wont give us justice then society will break down as it's doing at the moment. I can think of one candidate for rough justice, an elder of the community no less who should be struck down immediately he serves the laughable sentence the courts eventually pass on him. Perhaps he will fall backwards onto a knife. If only. GA, I have known a few decent cops, mostly rural men brought up in the countryside and responsible for various little villages. Throw backs to old George Dixon days really and not at all brainwashed politically correct morons.Celtic Morning

Anonymous said...


"Young left to die' as councils shun action. Report accuses social workers of ignoring family violence for fear of upsetting ethnic minorities

Political correctness is putting children's lives at risk as authorities turn a blind eye to domestic violence for fear of antagonising ethnic minority communities, says the NSPCC.

The charity warns that Asian victims of domestic violence are being failed by those working in child protection because of 'cultural sensitivities'. The report finds that 'police, health, education and social services did not feel qualified to deal with Asian victims. This sometimes led them to take the wrong action or no action at all on the grounds of respecting Asian culture.'

A 105-page report by the NSPCC, to be published tomorrow, says 750,000 children are affected by domestic violence in their homes - either as witnesses or victims. Social workers said they had come across examples where some violent Asians used their culture and religion to justify their abusive domestic violence.

As Asian adults and children are brought up to believe the public image of the family is more important than individual safety, problems are kept secret."


So who are these vicious bullying 'Asians' . Perhaps the phrase "used their culture and religion to justify their abusive domestic violence" gives a clue. Yes, you guessed it - they're Buddhists!