Sunday, 1 June 2008

White boys in the jungle

By Sarah Maid of Albion

Travelling home by train on Friday evening, I shared a carriage with a group of white teenage boys, probably aged between sixteen and eighteen, no longer children, but not yet men, they were average if quite nice looking boys, wearing street sports clothing and speaking in the acquired “Wot I done” ‘mockney’ accents which youths of their age tend to adopt, having reached that stage in their development where speaking “properly” is thought of as somehow unmanly. Contrary to the hysteria, like most such groups, they seemed essentially pleasant well meaning kids, and whatever the media may try to suggest, quite harmless.

They were however, members of the most vulnerable and at risk section of the community.

All statistics
show that young males are overwhelming the primary victims of violent crime, however, as must be patently clear to all, young white males are not amongst the primary perpetrators, especially not in the environment in which today's youth find themselves.

It is over twenty years since I was the same age as the boys on the train, but the 1980's were a different world to the one which they inhabit, the journey they are embarking on is a far more dangerous one than the boys I dated, danced with and had crushes on had to travel, and, if current trends continue, one which growing numbers of them will not survive.

It can not be easy being a young white male in modern society, these boys have few if any of the privileges earlier generations of white males are alleged to have had, but are held accountable for their grandfather's “sins”, including many, which, if analysed are no more than myths. However, they are myths which are widely claimed as truth, for we live in an age when new superstitions rule, and where new myths are believed as fervently as were any medieval tales of elves and witches. Fifty years of feminist writers have conspired to strip the young male of his once heroic status and cast him as the primary villain and oppressor, whilst other agendas have been at work seeking to narrow that focus onto the white western males who largely built the modern world.

We may no longer inflict corporal punishment on our young men, but in other ways we punish them as severely as in any previous age, and we do so mainly for no other reason than that they are young men. When exploring the way society views the young male, I would recommend to you the Excellent book “The war against boys” by that most enlightened of American feminist writers Christina Hoff Summers, in which she analyses the damage which misguided forms of feminism are having on young males.

However, what the excellent Hoff Summers fails to acknowledge is that, due to political correctness, the main targets of this war are white boys, whilst non whites are excused on account of long ago and often exaggerated or misunderstood injustices. There are sections of our community, mostly white liberals, but also including some people from ethnic communities who's desire to find fault with white boys goes beyond reason, and this phenomenon is an international one.

Anyone who spent time during 2006 and 2007 reading the legion of US message boards relating to false rape allegations made against three white members of the the predominantly white men's Lacrosse team at North Carolina's Duke University by a black stripper, will have been stunned by the visceral and totally irrational hatred revealed by seemingly otherwise intelligent people, who remained desperate to believe the boys guilty, even after their innocence was proven beyond doubt, the allegations shown to be baseless and the prosecutor disbarred for seeking to hide evidence exonerating the boys he had hoped to railroad in furtherance of his career ambitions.

North Carolina's top law officer took the unprecedented step of declaring that the defendants were "innocent", however, to this day hate fuelled message boards remain active providing a sanctuary for those who can not let go of their hatred to exchange bitter notes muttering that “something happened” or scrutinising the reports of the evening to find support for their belief that even if the team didn't rape the stripper, they were flawed human beings. All this whilst impatiently waiting for their tawdry heroine to write her promised book, in which they are sure the truth (their truth) will be told.

The Duke Lacrosse case was a fascinating revelation of the degree to which political correctness and anti-white racism has poisoned American society, and a warning to us as we follow the US down the same road.

Those wishing to know more about the Duke case will find interesting reading on the award winning Durham in Wonderland and Liestoppers blogs, both of which have followed the case since the false allegations were first made in 2006. There are also a number of excellent books on the subject, most notably Professor KC Johnson's much praised “Until Proven Innocent”.

However, Politically correct zealots and anti white racism are not exclusive to America, and who amongst us has not read the “Have your say” comments following the recent articles about the White victims of black crime and all but seen the venom dripping from those responses which bizarrely claim that whites kill more non-whites than blacks kill whites, or implying that the white victims somehow provoked their own deaths.

The comments tend to be more muted when the white victims are female, but when they are boys, the acid really starts to flow. As someone with a lifelong fondness for the male sex, I find that reaction hard to rationalise.

When I first started contributing articles to the Home of the Green Arrow, he (the Green Arrow) would from time to time suggest that I provide reports covering the killings of young white women who fallen victim to that failed social experiment which is HM Government’s immigration policy. The Green Arrow no doubt felt that, as a woman, I would feel an empathy towards female victims. He was certainly correct that I feel great sympathy for women such as Kate Beagley and American Eve Carson, both of whom I have written about in earlier articles.

However, I have always felt deep sympathy for white boys, who are seldom afforded the same degree of protection granted to girls and are frequently assumed to have contributed to their victimisation, irrespective of the evidence, or even more frequently are further victimised by politically motivated misreporting. (for example the disgraceful CNN, who dishonestly insisted in reporting that Harry Potter actor Robert Knox was involved in a “brawl”, rather than that he was was killed protecting his younger brother from an unprovoked and seemingly premeditated attack by a knife wielding black man)

This difference exists largely because society has a somewhat schizophrenic approach to boys, they are condemned if they show aggression, yet any who shy away from a fight are ridiculed and derided. Take for instance male victims of domestic abuse, most studies indicate that men account for around 19% of the victims of such abuse (although I have seen claims that the figure is closer to 30%) and in around half the cases the abuser is female. Although a much lower number than seen in male upon female violence, given that many male victims suffer repeated attacks even at a conservative estimate it means that, each year in the UK, there are around four million separate incidents where men are subject to physical violence by a female partner.

However, in this again, the double standards applied to males can be seen, any time a man complains of such abuse he is ridiculed and branded a “wimp”, that is unless he uses his superior strength to ward off the attack, in which case he usually becomes known as “the accused”.

Generally, within our communities white boys receive less protection than other groups, yet they are held to account far more severely. In our society boys are expected to swim in dangerous waters, where the government is releasing more and more sharks amongst them, but they themselves are portrayed as top predator.

At thirteen, my own beloved son still enjoys the relative safety of childhood pursuits, but in a few short years he will hear the call of the adult world, and I will have to watch him venture into the depths where danger dwells, it is a prospect which terrifies me.

As we see daily, white boys are the primary target of our new countrymen and yet we know that out courts hold their most draconian retribution in reserve for the first white boy to retaliate, because society has decided that whatever evil is done to a white boy, it is a greater evil if he does it back.

I do not seek to claim that there are no bad white boys or that white boy do not maim and kill, but in terms of parity white boys would have had to have amassed 252 teenage victims, in the first five months of this year, to achieve equality with non-whites in terms of head of population. Indeed Britain's streets would resemble those of Baghdad were the native population to start killing their fellow citizens at the same rate as those of foreign origin do. Remember that when some poor, stupid, white kid responds to the provocation and commits the crime which the press vultures are waiting for.

The media demands that white boys share the blame for spiralling lawlessness besetting our land, some pretend that they carry the greater share, indeed most images relating to the recent spate of knife crime on Britain's streets show white hands holding the knives, but, in the real world, it is seldom white hands which are doing the stabbing or firing the guns.

Despite the shrill claims of political correctness, white boys are not the main cause of the bloodshed on out streets, some may be anti-social, they may drink too much, commit acts of vandalism and (actually) get into brawls, but when it comes to the muggings, steaming, car-jacking, drug pushing, gang rapes, stabbings and other gang related murders carrying on all around them, they hardly feature, other than as a percentage of the victims.

Our leaders who should protect our children have placed them at risk and willingly sacrifice growing numbers of them to their cruel and ever demanding god. White boys now inhabit a world where successive governments have stolen their inheritance and forced them to live with a far more dangerous rival who wants to kill them and then blame them for what is done to them. Is it surprising they are confused?

In earlier ages boys were sacrificed in war, in our age they are sacrificed to an ideology, albeit in lower numbers. However, the numbers are growing as the floodgates are pushed wider, and who knows what numbers the establishment would tolerate in furtherance of their aims.

Its a jungle out there, and our boys are forced to live in it.


Anonymous said...

That's a brilliant article Sarah and I take my hat off to you. Judging by some of your comments I would guess you have read the angryharry website.

It's perhaps not possible but if the BNP could adopt this man's research into their policies I'm convinced they'd have people voting for them in droves.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Off topic I know - but I just thought I'd share this good new - for a change - from Zimbabwe:

"On a more promising note: Mugabe has prostate gland cancer. At 84 he is not likely to survive it."

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I know AngryHarry's blog, and find some of his writing amusing, but I certainly do not consider myself to be anti-feminist.

I am anti that form of feminism which craves female victimhood. I believe in sexual equality but don't believe it is necessary to hate and denigrate men in order to achieve it.

I am very fond of men and don't buy the view that they are all brutes and rapists.

However, at the same time I do not defer to any man, including my husband.

I demand equal status, not victim statue.

Anonymous said...

Can't say I ever read anything on Angryharry that's makes me think he doesn't regard women as equal.

But on a personal note I'll be happy when I get to have a pension at 60 pay 5 years less national insurance for that same pension and not be conscripted to die for my country just because I am a male.

Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

A wonderful and most insightful article GA. Thank you.

Pip pip

Anonymous said...

whoops wrong thread

Anonymous said...

I always look forward to reading new articles by you Maid of Albion.
What you write about white boys is exactly waht I feel when I look at them. In general they are gentle and courteous, although a lot of them still seem to think they need to put up a smokescreen of cool mockney and hip hop attitude. They'll grow out of it. White boys can be reasoned with. Their blood is stronger than the destructive programming they endure in schools and from the media.

I believe at the moment there is a silent youth, a silent generation, not yet aware what injustice is being done to them, but ever more painfully pushed in a position where it becomes truly intolerable. There will come a moment of mass awareness, and action. At that moment it will be our duty to guide that anger into constructive channels, as well as protect them.

I personally know a white boy who grew up in a multicultural environment, and who has been dragged down into their degenerate culture. The boy is sensitive, and couldn't cope with this incredibly hard corporate culture of which he truly is a victim. He thought his ethnic friends were the warm embrace to that cold native country that rejected him. He has ended in prison for smuggling drugs. Now he realised his friends were just users. I always knew he was a victim of the multi cultural lie. He will be released soon, and come back home. This is the level some of our finest white boys have to sink to, to be deprogrammed. The boy was a soldier in Iraq, left to his own devies upon return.

I do have hope for the future. But we must imbue them now with a sense of national pride, make them aware of the risk of socialising with people with different morals, who'll easily lie to abuse them.
give them a sense of pride and motivate them to employ their talents. It will be important for white boys to be in jobs that are essential to the survival of the country, be in charge of technology, environment, agriculture, water, energy, and the military. They have to be the motors, owners and leaders of their coutnry. They must ebhcome aware that they first and foremost have the right to that.

Anonymous said...

Great post Sarah agree with all you have written.
I make a point of chatting to the teens in my area and find them a really nice bunch of kids.
When in gangs walking last week i behind them. one young man said to the others shift art a way the lady wants to pass.
I thanked him and smiled at his lovely York's accent.
I feel no fear of the young where i live but then it's almost entirely white and free of muslims ..For now!
We have no boozy teens knife or gun gathering outside stores intimidating people.
I think that gives an insight into what causes much of the problems faced in this country.
A few weeks ago i asked a group of male teens had they the choice what would they like here where they live.
They'd love to learn a musical instrument to form a brass band.
These lads have nothing. no club nothing!
Yet our labour MP tells the commons he has arranged all kinds for the kids in his constituency.
I called him a liar. we only see him at general election time begging for votes he's done sod all for these lads.
I'm trying to get someone with knowledge on how to go about demanding these kids get their dream.
Had they been ethnics for sure heaven would have been moved to satisfy their needs.
Whites here are only good for soldiering thats' made very clear.
Indians flown in for the IT jobs our kids go untrained.
The coloureds are being handed the upper hand...for a future where white lads will be under their thumbs.
It's up to us to demand our own come first!
We have to stop being polite and hoping things will just change. they won't!