Thursday, 5 June 2008

Trevor Phillips will be gobbing off later today

Just time to point you to this video clip on the BBC, where a speech to be made by the professional black and racist Trevor Phillips has been leaked to the government mouthpiece.

Tension over immigration is leading to a "cold war" among rival communities, the head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, Trevor Phillips, has said.
According to Colette Hume, the Dhimmi newsreader , Enoch Powell's "dire predictions" did not come true. Tell that to the families of our murdered youths you stupid woman.

Later the video cut to scenes of street riots and footage of immigrants as she reports on Trevor Rabbits concerns about the growth of the British National Party. Imagine Trevor, without all this mayhem and murder you would be out of work or probably serving out Big Macs in McDonalds which is all your about qualified to do.

By the way Trevor we have not forgotten about your statement that the BNP should be treated as less than human. Rest assured you will face justice one day. The British National Party never forgets and in some cases it never forgives.


Anonymous said...

If Trevor Phillips wants to get a reality check, then he needs to read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and work out where he really fits in in their scheme of things. Somebody might even send him a copy or give him the internet reference; you might be amazed at the result.

Anonymous said...

Yes and what Trevor Phillips means by "the settled ones" is the indigenous who happened to be white, and the Black and Asians, and Chinese that came here and played their part in Britain.
He might cotten on to the difference between MASS, ILLEGAL and BOGUS immigration, compared to controlled sensible immigration where Britishness is preserved and we all have a decent life.

Anonymous said...

The BNP should be treated as less than human according to Trevor. No wonder screwhead Paki strippers come out with exactly the same fascist junta shite.It's on her putrid seaweed (Islamic) green anti white blog, the snogging Paki lesbo with the O'level history that went to her ditzy head came right out and said what she thought- I quote, "BNP people can get killed and no one cares or cries". She also offered to have supporters' children removed into care on the basis that "Nazis can't have children". She also said openely that she advocated a sort of "dirty war," against the BNP which would see members "slaughtered"- like Al Queerda in her Paki homeland. This from our super patriot, who is now conjuring up support from fellow Asians by chatting in Urdu-Panjabi. What she doesn't understand is that the more she runs that mouth, the more we Britons tend to dig in our feet.Let her run with it, she's basically a bloody good recruitment sergeant for the BNP. If she wasn't a 16 year old playing at it, she would realize that. Her new show of force has our enrichment princess claiming world victory over the BNP and flooding her site with footgage of the Pakistani airforce on bombing missions. Also, check out the bit where she and fellow Paki, Rah, after a long chat in Urdu then proudly both congratulate each other on Pakistan being 80% Aryan! She talks feminist- Marxism for westerners, amongst her own kind, it's Pakistani third world nationalism. When the a white person does it, we're all Nazis, when she does it, she's fighting oppression. People like Trevor created the Pakistani stripper. Indeed, a quick trip to the hateful little Pakistani feminist-Nazi's site and you will understand why the BNP ought never to forgive-or forget. The stance she has taken on a number of issues however probably mean that it will be her own beloved people who get to her first.

Anonymous said...

If Trevor Phillips or any of his mates are reading these comments, they can find the Protocols of the Elders of Zion on the internet starting at the following web address

Anonymous said...

Mr. Henry Ford (the American automobile production pioneer), in an interview published in the New York WORLD, February 17th, 1921, said this about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion as reprinted in 1905:

"The only statement I care to make about the PROTOCOLS is that they fit in with what is going on. They are sixteen years old, and they have fitted the world situation up to this time. THEY FIT IT NOW."

Anonymous said...


"Instead of condemning the scum, Britons are instructed to "understand" why these voters are "driven" to vote for neo-Nazis"

The Green Arrow said...

OK ANON:14:!7

You have had a good run for your money but there will be no more going through. One push too many I am afraid.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, and I now definitely know what the tolerances are. Sorry again, and thank you very much.


anon 14:17

Anonymous said...

The Paki stripper's message which if not to another Paki lesbo, has got to be to Garside.
It's on the top post of her slimy Paki fascist blog, it she's not taken it down. It just gets sicker.
Before Deniss gets too excited someone better tell her that the Paki stripper was kicked off America's leading leftie blog site, "Feministe", for getting into a disucssion dedicated to "Israel at 60", in mid May, which degenerated into a slanging match in three languages between the stripper and two Arab women. When the Pakistani Marxist stripper's words were retranslated back, it emerged the Paki apostate had said, in Arabic, "I am a Pakistani and you are a pair of Arabs. Never speak to me in such a tone. You Arabs rape and murder and you are dogs. Never raise your voice to a Pakistani woman you pair of Arab Nazi bitches, and know your place."
For that little mouthful which the dumbass anti arab Paki racist stripper never imagined would be translated back to English, she was banned forever, just as she was similarly thrown out the SWP. Seems the stripper has a real problem with Arab men, for reasons which are out there, but i am not going to bring up.
Cheers to your knew girlfriend Denise!

Sir Henry Morgan said...

I've been gobbing off a bit today too.

MerlinsTempest said...

BNP... less than human? I've heard that kind of terminology used somewhere before. Isn't it in the history books in reference to the Nazi ideology and brainwash of the German people? What was the term... Undermensen? Below human! Shame on you and your kind Phillips, you Nazi bastards!

Anonymous said...

Merlin, less than human is exactly her take on it, that BNP supporters are untermenschen. You don't have to be a genius to work out that this systematic negation of the human rights of BNP members is carefully laying the ground for the kind of political repression this country has always fought against. At the risk of sounding unduly fixated by the Pakistani Heretical Girl, the ex Muslim stripper has now applied the principles of dehumanization against Donna Bailey. Interestingly, the racist Paki while she slyly implies Donna Bailey can be compared to the proverbial hell's angels moll avoids using the word Nazi. Smart girl, but in order to disenfranchise Donna, the foreign stripper has to use a new ploy, and so, drawing once again upon her Paki homeland, the stripper compares Donna to a veiled Islamist woman who murders children. The result is predictable- Donna, this fine English woman has to be 'reeducated', so as not to oppress other women. The stripper cunningly uses a feminist argument rather than an anti fascist one revealing her true aim, which is not to promote any particular cause- only that of her own people, in the process, suckering in the red front, the liberals and all the others stupid enough to see vicious racist plotters like the Paki stripper as 'victims'. They are not victims- they are occupiers and the Paki stripper is already dreaming of her version of the Munchen Republic over Merry England. I am no believer in the historical validity of the Protocols, let it be said, but I do see a loose parallel between the way Commissars of a certain faith in 1919 in Bavaria leapt on Marxism to set up their own little red fiefdoms. I think the red-green alliance is alive and well and it will be one of the key reasons the BNP achieves final political breakthrough. For every gutless Paki stripper, a hundred Donna Baileys will arise!
My comments on the stripper's site have been deleted, predictably. The spolied wretch has no appetite for debate. I would just like to see the hardfaced arrogant little Paki spout her abuse to Donna Bailey's face and see a real English woman put the brat in its proper place, finally, and in a way that is logn overdue.