Monday, 30 June 2008

The mounting toll of young lives

By Sarah Maid of Albion

With the violent and tragic death this weekend of 16 year old Ben Kinsella, the brother of Eastenders actress Brooke Kinsella, and, like earlier victim Robert Knox, a a budding actor himself, the toll of teen aged victims in London has reached 17 in the first six months of this year. Already 2008 looks set to exceed the record bloodshed of 2007, and once again, not one of those young lives was taken by anyone from the indigenous white population.

I have made this point before, but it needs to be be repeated until the truth eventually hits home. Those of non white, first, second and third generation immigrant origin account for around 10% of the population but they commit most of the street crime and almost 100% of all the street murders.

If or when a white kid does retaliate and stab someone, do not accept it when the media try to tell you that it proves white Britons are just as bad, because, given the population levels, white British kids would have had to murder between three and four hundred of their fellow teenagers to achieve even parity.

That is a conservative figure, given that like Martin Dinnegan last year Ben was allegedly the victims of multiple assailants. Indeed, that is not the only apparent similarity between the two murders, the fact that, like Martin, Ben is said to have begged for help in his final moments is painful to even contemplate.

It has reached the point where even the BBC have been forced to use the word “black” in a crime report, albeit in this morning's reports they were still attempting to get away with blaming Ben Kinsella's death on “youths”. Certainly up until now they together with most of the media have engaged in levels of distortion which would have made a 1960's Pravda, or indeed a current day Zimbabwe Herald proud.

However, the media's concession to the truth only went so far, and I would like to know why both the BBC and Sky chose to use a bleary eyed picture of Ben Kinsella, swigging from a beer bottle in their earlier reports, when so many other pictures were available. Ben was a 16 year old, an age when it is legal to drink beer, wine or cider in Britain. If the reporters from the BBC do not have similar pictures of themselves at 16, they were either never invited to parties due to body oder, or they were at a young socialist meeting.

The media leopard does not easily change its spots, and the use of that picture smacked a little too much of an attempt to blame the victim for what was done to him.

However, surely even they can no longer ignore the facts. How long will it be before someone in the media breaks ranks and tells the whole truth, how many more innocent victims must die before they admit what they and our leaders have done to our country, and our children's future?


The Green Arrow said...

Anon. I understand your anger but could you just rephrase a couple of words so that I may publish your otherwise excellent comment.

Anonymous said...

Ahh its ok after all, my mind is at rest as police couldnt find any evidence of racial motivation lol. I mean FOUR black males and attack ONE white male, no of course it isnt racial....................

Wonder what the diagnosis would be if it was the other way round though..

Anonymous said...

I suppose old Harriet will be celebrating though as its one less white male for her to discriminate against-cuts down her workload!!

watling said...

In the current climate no journalist dare tell the truth because it would mean the end of their career. Even alleged politically incorrect hacks like Littlejohn would never say that most knife crime is committed by blacks. He might say it in a mealy-mouthed ambiguous way which is open to interpretation but he would never state it in plain English.

If you're reading this, Littlejohn, and you dare to comment in your column on the subject, then some bullshit along these lines should enable you to keep your job and allow your editor to keep his:

"whilst knife crime affects all communities and clearly cannot be attributable to any group in particular, it is just possible that perhaps on occasion it is ever so slightly more prevalent among certain elements within the generally law-abiding and peaceful black community"

We have to face up to the fact that Orwell's 1984 has arrived.

Obviously reality is not exactly as Orwell predicted and things are not yet as bad as in his book, but the basic elements are there. e.g.:

suppression of free speech
bare-faced lies coming from a corrupt, self-serving government
bare-faced lies and half-truths coming from the press
police harassment of those with non-mainstream views
surveillance cameras
re-writing of history
people in fear of the state
people reluctant to speak their mind even to their own families
people having private views which differ from their public ones
dissidents imprisoned on trumped-up charges
Movement monitored (e.g. Oyster cards/Congestion charge data/speed cameras)

Adam Dawlish said...

Watling, have you seen Fulham Reactionary's post on Thought Policeman of the Day? Reluctance will soon be a fond memory, and fear and terror the order of the day.

Anonymous said...

The New Labour women are so pissed off with their lack of progress, that they feel forced to punish every man jack in society.
Will some mad Islamist kidnap this Harpie, and teach her some respect, Sharia style?