Thursday, 5 June 2008

Kosovo - The Monstrocities of the Albanian Muslim Terrorists

Over 1,300 Kosovo Serbs in addition to those for whom we know they have been killed and whose remains were handed over to their families by the U.N.M.I.K during the past 8 years, are still listed as missing. In some cases the entire families were kidnapped by the K.L.A at some point during the 1998-1999 war, and after U.N and NATO took over the administration and security of the southern Serbian province. These people were taken away in an unknown direction and, for all we know, disappeared from the face of the earth.

Over the years, we have learned that a number of kidnapped Kosovo Serb girls and women have been used as sex slaves, kept under the lock and key in the dark moldy cellars of Albanian bar and brothel owners, underfed, repeatedly raped and beaten, until they are deemed no longer useful and killed like dogs!

There were also reports in the Serbian media about Kosovo Serb boys and men being forced to work in unsecured, illegal private mines, but with uncooperative U.N.M.I.K and indifferent Kay-for no investigation was ever initiated, and Serbian families of the Kosovo & Metohia missing, are still without answers.

Now, however, the much discussed Carla del Pontae's book, "The Hunt", offers a harrowing detail, revealing why have Serbian men been kidnapped throughout Kosovo province during past years instead of being killed on the spot, as is the usual K.L.A treatment for all non-Albanians, especially those of Serbian ethnicity: because they were used as a livestock for organ harvesting in the illegal trade with human organ transplants.

According to Glas Yavnosti, writing about one of the failed investigations regarding the fate of around 300 abducted Kosovo Serbs who were taken to northern Albania, Del Pontae says that the kidnapped young men were not beaten and were well fed. There was an improvised surgery room in one of the houses, where young Serbs had their internal organs removed to be shipped over the Tirana airport "Mother Theresa" abroad, where the organs of the healthy young Serbs were sold.

Families of kidnapped Kosovo Serbs have brought photos to remind of their missing loved ones to the big rally in the Serbian capital on February 21, 2008.
The victims who had only one kidney removed during the first carve-up were suchered and returned to imprisonment, to live until they would get killed for their other vital organs, when the right buyer is found. According to Carla del Pontae, the Serbs held in this monstrous human stable Josef Mengele would envy, begged to be killed.

Sworn Serbian enemy, Del Pontae describes Kosovo & Metohia province under the NATO rule as a land with no laws and institutions, the land of blood feuds ruled by the thugs who present themselves as heroes of the alleged "suffering Albanian people". She claims that U.N.M.I.K and kay-for officials, and even some ICTY judges in the Hague tribunal are fearful for their lives if connected to the K.L.A crime investigations, and feel threatened by the so-called "Albanian reach"!

In her book, Del Pontae says that those few and far-in-between investigations of the terrorist K.L.A were the hardest during her appointment as the ICTY chief prosecutor, that her researches were confronted by the clans, vendettas and political pressures, and that quote, "policemen from Bern and Brussels and all the way to the Bronx", unquote, are well aware about the insurmountable difficulties when it comes to the attempts to investigate Albanian organized crime.

It is sure that the upcoming Del Ponae's book will reveal many more hideous crimes perpetrated by the K.L.A terrorists, who like to call themselves freedom fighters. The truth will come out, and hopefully, these animals will pay for their inhumane attrocities committed against the innocent Serbian people during the war in 1999.

In the end, we would just like to remind you that the K.L.A, short for Kosovo Liberation Army, was recognized as a terrorist organization. Yet, a few days ago the American president George W Bush sent weapons to Kosovo for these animals, so they can kill Serbian people more easily. The world has to wake up to the fact that Kosovo has become the drug and sex slaves traficking capital of Europe, and all the Western countries' governments are remaining silent over this! One more fact is that all of the K.L.A commanders are yet to meet justice in the International Tribunal for Warcrimes in the Hague! Not a single one of them have been prosecuted to this day!

These are all important facts that have been purposely neglected in the news reports of the Western mainstream media! Please help spreading the truth by informing people about these monstrocities! It is the only way that those who committed these hideous crimes be punished and brought to justice, so nothing like this will ever happen anywhere else in the world!

Kosovo is Serbia

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Anonymous said...

You know my feelings all too well about what NATO and the UN did to the Serbs GA.

The media are also war criminals. Here's what ITN did in a report most people will remember:

ITN War Crime

A terrible wrong has been done to the Serbs and it's been done in our name.

Serbia is Kosovo.