Friday, 27 June 2008

White men not wanted - except by the BNP

So the Henley by-election results is in. Oh and great news. The BNP gave Labour a bloody nose. Fantastic, the activists of the British National Party worked damned hard but at end of the day, for what and for why?

Check out the image above. Those headlines would have been seen by many if not most of the voters of Henley less than 24 hours before the election. Many of that newspapers readership will also be Tory voters. And yet what to these voters do come the day of the election?

They leave their safe, secure homes, put two fingers up to the people in the rest of the country and replace one bad apple with another.

  • John Howell (C) 19,796 (57%, +3.5%)
  • Stephen Kearney (LD) 9,680 (28%, +1.8%)
  • Mark Stevenson (Green) 1,321 (3.8%, +0.5%)
  • Timothy Rait (BNP) 1,243 (3.6%)
  • Richard McKenzie (Lab) 1,066 (3.1%, -11.7%)
  • Chris Adams (UKIP) 843 (2.4%, -0.1%)
  • Bananaman Owen (Loony) 242 (0.70%)
  • Derek Allpass (Eng Dem) 157 (0.45%)

C maj 10,116 (29.1%)

0.81% swing LD to C

Turnout 34,761 (50.3%, -17.6%)

(2005 C maj 12,793)

So it is a disappointing result. It means that the activists and supporters of the BNP must work even harder, if that is possible and shake our fellow True Brits even more vigorously then we currently do. We do not have the time to creep to power over decades as did the Labour Party. We must do it almost overnight if we are to prevail. If not then think about that headline above.

The "elite" wants the "average/ordinary" white male removed from the New World Political Order that they have planned. They want easily controlled sheep people (like those who continue to vote for the Lib/Lab/con pact) who are happy to be treated as milk cows for the mega rich and powerful. And the preferred colour for the planned future herd of sheep people is most certainly not white.

The "elite" think that by dumbing down the white males by destroying education and removing their chances of climbing the ladders of business and politics that they will prevent any real opposition to their plans. But they underestimate The Real British. The white male, even without an education is capable of thinking way outside the box if given just the seed of an idea or concept. The BNP will plant those seeds and when the dispossessed white males finally discover the truth the establishment can look out.

Lest we forget. Other British National Party activists were also in action yesterday. A big well done to them also.

Blackpool: Park Ward.

Con. - 977 (55.2%)
Lab - 448 (25.3%)
BNP – 218 (12.3%)
LDm – 97 (5.5%)
UKIP – 30 (1.7%)

Congratulations go to Les Joy for a very respectable third place.

Hatfield Central Ward

Lab – 425 (33.2%)
LDm – 329 (25.7%)
Con – 319 (24.9%)
BNP – 138 (10.8%)
Ind – 69 (5.4%)

Congratulations to Mark Fuller and his team for a promising result.

... the 20th century has been characterized by three developments of great political importance: The growth of democracy, the growth of corporate power, and the growth of corporate propaganda as a means of protecting corporate power against democracy.


Phil said...

The most that the BNP (bless em)can hope for in places like Henley at the moment is third no matter how hard people work. It takes longer for these places to be ethnically enriched because the people who live there have the money to make sure that they are not enriched.
Well done to all the activists who went down there to leaflet.

Anonymous said...


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P.S. I wonder if dogs are offended by being made to sniff Muslims?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Anyone notice the Swiss footie team removed the cross from their team shirts' for EURO 08?

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This is in order not to insult the Turks who have previously taken offence at the Christian cross on Italian football tricots.

However, the Turks are tactless enough to play with their Muslim crescent on their tricots (below).
Our leaders are simply capitulating to aggressive Islam

Anonymous said...

No sorry I just dont believe it!!. during my working day I come into contact with many people, from all walks of life and all ages. The one common denominator is the now almost universal distrust of the LibLab=CON, and the disgust at what has happened to the country. I think we have to get real and realise that there is no way whatsoever the establishment and their shady backers will allow democracy into the elections-in a country where everything else is fixed or corrupt, are we naive enough to believe that we could ever win through the ballot box???. Even if we had 99% of the vote we would be cheated out of the prize, thats just the way it is. I dont know what the solution is, but one thing I do know, as a realist, is that to carry on playing the voting game is a waste of time, and yes it brings the party publicity, but that could also be counter productive as it gives the wrong impression that we have less followers than there actually are.

LeedsLass said...

A 3.6% vote is not to be gainsaid. The BNP and Tim Rait did very well indeed for a first standing. I hope & pray it's not to late for Great Britain. It really is time we opened our eyes, not only to this government but to the wider world as well.

Anonymous said...

Anon above- In case my previous post appeared dismissive, I would like to congratulate Tim Rait and all those who do so well against what can only be described as the forces of evil. However I think we have to realise that Britain is far from being a democracy, yes many will still continue to vote for the LibLab=Con out of habit and brainwashing, however the impression I get from meeting people is that we should actually be at the gates of power, perhaps the problem is converting that groundswell of public anger into votes, I dont know, but one thing I do know is that it would be very convenient for the powers that be to have the BNP just there in the sidelines and no more. And to continue growing at the rate it does, the BNP does well, but will it be enough given the limited window of time we have left before the EU takes over and bans any opposition?.