Monday, 9 June 2008

An elephant never forgets and neither do the BNP

"Do you know where I left my cuff links?"
"No. When did you last have them"

To be honest, I have no idea whether an elephant never forgets. I know that goldfish have a memory span of only a few seconds, which is just as well as swimming around in a goldfish bowl would be pretty boring. Unless of course you forgot every few seconds, that you had already swam around it a million times already.

But I do know that the BNP never forgets. They archive all information and one day and that day will come they will be investigating thousands of cases of injustice perpetrated on the patriotic people who have been punished for supporting the British National Party.

Employers, The Government, The Police. The lot, even football Associations like the one in Staffordshire that has suspended its Honorary Vice-President, Stan Leese for standing as a BNP candidate in the May elections.

Stan who came within a gnats whisker of winning had given over 60 years of his life to serving his local community. But a bully by the name of BRIAN ADSHEAD threatened 75 year old Mr Leese with disciplinary action unless he quite the BNP. Stan stood his ground and stood for freedom of speech. Not like you Brian.
"The board do not believe you are in any way racist.
And neither are the BNP and like I said. The BNP never forgets and legal advice is now being taken.

Come on UK. W.I.S.E. Up and rise up. Support and join the British National Party or hold the coats of the enemy.


Anonymous said...

The goldfis thing is a myth,
goldfish can remember at least past a day. there is no reason to believe they are any different to most other animals.

but yes the BNP never forget an injustice.

The Green Arrow said...


I@m sorry, what were we talking about:) said...

I admire your compaign to make the scum destroying your country aware that they are being observed.