Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Boris winds up the NAAR

Free events are very popular with Londons new
owners as you can see from last year.

Do not think for one moment that Boris Johnson is going to change anything in London just because he is dropping one of London's biggest free Roman Circuses for the peasants.

Well they are never free. They are paid for by the long suffering rate payers but the kind of people who usually attend do not care. They are not usually contributors to society so to them they are free.

No, Boris is not actually stopping contributing to the cost of the Rise Fesitival, he is just dropping the anti-racist message (read attacks on the BNP) that usually goes with it.

Now you would have thought that the National Assembly Against Racism would keep their mouths shut after the revelations about their Chairman and professional black, Lee Jasper were made public. But no they are squealing like stuck pigs. Thicker then Welsh Bricks are the boys and girls of the UAF.

Up in arms also, are the rabid reds from The Cuba Solidarity Campaign. One would have thought they would have been campaigning against the new Cuban Aristocracy and the handing of the Crown of Power from Fidel to his brother Raoul but hey, there you go.
The Greater London authority's director of arts policy , Munira Mirza, told the group in a letter that "it is no longer appropriate to have overtly political organisations involved in the programme or in the community area".
No Boris has not come to his senses. Think of recent events. The British National Party now have a man on the inside and you can rest assured that Richard Barnbrook will be looking at current funding and past funding of these "free" events in some detail. NAAR would be better advised to start making like Members of Parliament and start shredding.


I should have guessed I was behind the times. Richard had already sorted this one out.

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Anonymous said...


just over 9000 signed so far i am sure all at GA can swell this sending Gay Gordon the message Stuff the Lisbon treaty up his arse! [ SIDEWAYS]

Anonymous said...

Speaking as an IT Man, there's something VERY strange about the clickable image map at the bottom of that RISE site.

Go take a look.

As you move your mouse across the image of the 'Canary Wharf Group' for example, you get url's for some rather strange sites. And the same is true for all the others.

My first thought was 'yet another instance of incompetence being rewarded by corruption, but then I wondered if there is funding being distributed by the clicking ......

watling said...

If this anti-British Rise event must go ahead can't we get African countries to pay for it? Judging by your photo it's mostly Africans who attend. Better still, why not hold it in Africa?

I look forward to the day when we dismantle the race relations industry and all these professional blacks, Asians and anti-British Communists have to find some other way of making a living.

It would be great if they all sodded off to Africa but the problem is they won't because it's not very nice there.