Monday, 30 June 2008

Lasting Legacy of the Windrush Generation

Now I would not normally wish to steer you guys onto the rocks or into a pile of excrement but sometimes I have to point you to pure crap and say go look and smell it for yourself.

The Tribune has just published an article saying how Black Caribbeans put the "Great" into Great Britain and made Our Country one of the most vibrant and tolerant multicultural societies in the world.
This was because politicians at the time failed to tell the British public that people from the Commonwealth were coming here to work in partnership to make this country a better place for everyone.
Can you believe that some cretin was actually paid to write that arrant nonsense? Can you also believe that some morons who read the article, will actually believe it?

Go read the garbage and then go check out the Fallen List and take a look at some of the people, our people, who are no longer with us because Our Country has been enriched. Take a look at some of the killers.

Still I suppose the violent deaths of just a few hundred white people is a small price to pay for a "Vibrant" society that helps keep wages down so the "elite" can get even richer whilst voting conservative in places like Henley.

Time now, not to get angry but even. The politicians responsible for this mayhem must and will one day pay for their crimes.

Tomorrow morning I will be adding yet another name to The Fallen List.

Police said the motive for the killing was "unclear" and there was "nothing to suggest this is racially motivated or gang related".

What do you think of enrichment Ben? Nothing? No sorry you're dead.

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Anonymous said...

Bang on GA. The British people weren't even asked if they'd like to be enriched, it was forced upon them.

It's those same people who are paying the heavy price of enrichment. The working class people whose communities have been destroyed. Funny how enrichment didn't start in the upper/middle class regions isn't it? No, they were too busy forcing it on the rest of us.

With regards to Ben, did you read the Sky news report? The comments section just made my blood boil. Several people saying that "all races carry knives, it's not about race etc." Talk about willful ignorance.

How many blacks have been killed by whites this year? How many blacks have been killed by blacks? What about the black women who have been gang raped by whites - where are they?

And yet the obvious is right in front of their eyes, all they have to do is look at South Africa, Zimbabwe, The USA and of course, good ol' multicultural UK.

Black hates black. Black hates white. Black hates. It's way past tea for the black community to accept responsibility for their own scum and deal wuth THEIR problem or get the hell out.


Anonymous said...

The lefties have brain washed themselves to such an extent that they wouldn't know the truth if it bit them on the arse!! They are fond of describing Britain as a "vibrant" society. Vibrant means quivering with emotion so they might be correct there. Relatives of the white murder victims certainly quiver with emotion, they scream for justice, silently, in their innermost being, they cry themselves asleep in despair at innocent lives lost at the hands of savages, beasts who have no right to be in a civilised society.Vibrant also means trembling and many of our older people in too many parts of Britain know this feeling only too well as they tremble behind the doors of their own homes, once safe havens, now barricades against the fear of the baying mobs and the menace of mindless, out of control youth many of whom, unfortunately, are of our own indiginous people. Whole neighborhoods tremble as night time comes and the streets are deserted by law enforcers and surrendered to the rule of the mob, the gangs, the drug ridden, drink sotted, brainless feral youth who creep about our towns and cities in the half light. Let us allow our responsible citizens to carry small arms and use them when threatened, let us bring back punishment for criminals including the death penalty for murder.But most of all, let us bring a halt to immigration and let us start to reclaim our land from the third world invasion that will eventually swamp us and sweep us away along with our thousands of years of civilisation.Letus start by voting to power the BNP. There is no other way. A "vibrant" society we can do without. We would willingly trade it for the peaceful land we used to live in. Celtic Morning

watling said...

This heap of cobblers in the Tribuneis straight out of New Labour's anti-white Communist Manifesto. No doubt Harriet Harpie advised on the wording.

The phrase "One of the key contributions made by the Windrush generation has been to make white Britain more civilised" comes straight out of New Labour's version of George Orwell's Ministry of Truth. Very much akin to Red Ken's outrageous claim that knife crime is "mostly white kids stabbing white kids".

So, let me guess: if blacks had not come to Britain it would be an even more violent and uncivilised place than it is now? Complete rubbish. If blacks make countries more civilised, how come they haven't managed to do so in Zimbabwe, Somalia, South Africa, Sierra Leone, Gambia, Rwanda, Sudan etc., where they are a majority and actually run the place?

It's true that we have serving members of our armed forces who are black, but if they were not here we would find replacements from the indigenous population. Indeed, if you look at the faces of those brave men and women who have died fighting for their country in Iraq and Afghanistan you'll see very few are ethnic.

Similarly we could find porters, nurses, doctors, bus drivers etc. from the indigenous population if we had to. After all, we have several million inactive people claiming benefits. They can be trained. Not immediately, of course, but we must create a long-term goal of getting people off their arses and learning how to do something useful for society, instead of importing third worlders as a temporary fix.

In my opinion there is no aspect of black so-called culture that has benefited Britain.

We can manage perfectly well without the Notting Hill Carnival and the racist MOBO awards, in the same way that we can manage without Lee Jasper, Diane Abbott, Trevor Phillips, rap "music", mugging, rape, gang rape, excessive noise, AIDS, burglary and knife/gun crime.