Thursday, 19 June 2008

Hey you. White boy. Come watch this.

Hey you. Yes you, white boy. Had enough of those new guys from out of country throwing their weight around?

Had enough of those stupid wiggers acting like they was black, always grabbing their nuts and their pants falling down around their knees and listening to rap crap? Kids who have lost their way and forgotten where they came from.

Think your different? Think your better? You probably are. Care about the way things seem to be changing and your town doesn't feel like its yours no more? Well your right the town aint yours no more. And if some of us don't do something about it soon Our Country won't be either.

Check out this video clip and see what you think. Then ask about joining the Young BNP. Then tell your folks that if you care, so should they. Its their country also. Show them how to get to the British National Party web site and point them at the page on what its all about.


najistani said...

There needs to be much more of this sort of information and it needs to be spread a widely as possible.

Reaching my technophobic generation involves the old processess of leaflets etc, but the young have their own electronic networks of information exchange where stuff can 'Go Viral' and propagate rapidly - especially if it is seen as subverive of adult orthodoxies.

It's the generation shown in this video and their children who will have to fight the inevitable European civil war, and they need to be given as much information, training and motivation as possible.

The European civil war won't occur in my lifetime - I expect to be dead and buried and then dug up and dumped in a landfill to make room for Muslim burials before the time comes.

Nevertheless, we should remember those 14th century patriots who went round the coastal areas of England planting acorns so that their grandchildren and great grandchildren would have plentiful supplies of oak to build the fleets to repel the invaders.

Anonymous said...

green arrow, love the Blog you are my hero, keep up the great work.

from one proud patriot to another


Anonymous said...

I would join but my mum said no joining political parties till I am 18. I don’t really fancy going behind her back and disrespecting her. She don’t mind the work I am doing now because I am not listed on a government database. I suppose when I came out in the search light and got penalised by teachers in school that sort of finalised the no. Maybe its best that I am waiting till my state education is over. When I am in university and stuff paying my own way under no chains I will join. Anyway fancy swapping a link?

Essemess said...

What a brave young man. I hope that there are a lot more like him in the up-and-coming generation. It's good to see that the current crop of school leavers are not all content to watch reality tv and keep their heads in the sand.

He says exactly what we're all thinking and has had the bottle to come on line and say it out loud.

Sir, I applaud you and welcome to the BNP!

Anonymous said...


“Well, welcome to Jolly NEW multicultural England where our elderly and young are seen as vulnerable prime prey for mounting Muslim violence - what I refer to as Street Jihad. This predatory behaviour, clearly a form of hate crimes and elder abuse must be stopped and stopped NOW - otherwise the British elderly and youths face the continuing threat of being seen as little more than an avenue for vile, hate-filled behaviours by cowardly Muslim thugs.”

Anonymous said...

Hindu man latest victim of 'Street-Jihad' epidemic.

Anonymous said...

"Today's appeal comes as a 15-year-old girl and a man in his 20s are both still critically ill after being set alight in two separate attacks in the Greater London area last weekend. "

How much of this stuff is going on that gets no further than the local press?