Friday, 20 June 2008

Love Music Hate Racism. 21st June

How many police? How many rapes? How many muggings? How many knifings?

Me too. Well actually I suppose it depends on what sort of music we are on about. If it is rap crap with all that kill whitey and shoot the pigs rubbish then I pass.

Well there is another freebie for the proletariat in Londonistan tomorrow and what a freak show it is guaranteed to be.

You have the likes of Babyshambles, only famous because one of their members used to knock around with some two bit slapper with skinny legs who snorted coke in between camera shoots.

Then you have Dr Abdul Bari from the Muslim Council of Britain giving a talk. I wonder if someone will ask him his opinion of the gays who are also going to be out in force along with the lesbians and all the different sexual combinations that men and women can think up.

Then we have an whole host of communists from the trade unions, making to me what seems to be incitement to violence against the members and supporters of the British National Party.

TUC Deputy General Secretary Frances O’Grady said:
“The TUC is supporting the national march against fascism and racism because we believe that we all have a responsibility to stand up to the politics of hate. Unions are campaigning in workplaces and in communities across the UK to raise awareness among colleagues and local residents of the threat posed by parties of the far right. The British National Party’s success in the recent London Assembly elections coupled with its small but continued progress across the country is symptomatic of the wider discrimination, prejudice and racism that continues to disfigure British life and we are determined to make sure that it does not become an accepted part of electoral politics.”

Steve Hart, London and Eastern Regional Secretary of Unite the Union said:
“Ninety-five percent of Londoners have voted to keep the BNP out of City Hall. A worrying five percent have been conned by this party of thugs and bombers. Trade Unions will not stop campaigning to defeat the BNP.

Now I know that most BNP supporters within spitting distance of this event will more than likely be at Henley helping Tim Rait out for the coming by-election but if any do attend this festival of hate called LMHR, then take care. These events are prime picking for east european pick pocketing gangs and other types of thugs, rapists and hooligans. Most of whom will be in the parade.

Talk about fiddling whilst Rome burnt. Never mind, the brain dead plebs are happy with their free circuses.


Anonymous said...


The UN definition:

It described sexual violence as "a tactic of war to humiliate, dominate, instill fear in, disperse and/or forcibly relocate civilian members of a community or ethnic group".

Clearly what the Muslim male is doing when he rapes a Kufr female is an act of war because the intentions are precisely as above.

How does this ruling fit the situation in the UK

1) The Muslim wishes to humiliate and dominate the Kufr
2) The Muslim wishes to instill fear in the community
3) the Muslim create Muslim only areas by forcing people out of those areas by various means, including rape
4) The British are an ethnic group.

Just how do we respond to this act of war, do we go to the UN, do we go to the Police, do we go to the Government, somehow I do not think any of those approaches would yield much fruit.

More at

Islam is the destroyer of all that is beautiful, spiritual, gentle, innocent and vulnerable. Most religions have a softer feminine aspect (eg Virgin Mary, Arya Tara) but all trace of the feminine has been eradicated from Islam to give something which is consequently only half human.

Predatory and domineering, Islam is a hyper-masculine barbarian tribal warrior cult that glories in murder, mutilation, rape, genocide, destruction and anarchy.

Islam delenda est!

Anonymous said...

Think about it, now that the great Nu Labour fiasco is cracking up around the edges and the taquiya is poured on thick showing how moderate Muslims are separating themselves from their militant brothers, (what are they afraid of, retribution?) there isn't much for the mongrel pack of student Lefties and assorted illegal immigrants to get worked up about.
I noticed at Luton Uni, how the Socialist Workers Party, (gawd, do they really still exist?) were displayind a stand of posters, just like the good old days, denouncing "the racist BNP" and all the old Rock against Racism clap-trap.
I find it hard to believe how this kind of junk propaganda still finds a place in the imbeciles' minds, in between getting drunk, getting smashed, and doing some "study."
British National Party seem to me an outsider, a properly constitiuted legal political Party.
What is the Socialist Workers Party?
Please does anyone have a resume of who and what they really are, and perhaps where their HQ is?

Anonymous said...

SWP..Arm of labour.commies to their being i won't say soul they have none.
This is what Europe can bring to your door with their European arrest warrant where you can be carted off to some islamic hell-hole with the aid of your government.
Geert Wilders Dutch MP Jordan wants him!

A Jordan court has ordered the arrest of Dutch parliamentarian member Geert Wilders for making his Islam critical Fitna film. It’s expected that the kingdom is also preparing an International Interpol arrest warrant (NL) against him. Thus from now on international travel will become a very dangerous affair for the Dutch opposition leader.

The situation is especially dangerous for Wilders because the Dutch government cannot be trusted in protecting him against extradition. Because it’s the Dutch government her self who is constantly investigating how they can legally prosecute him. Jordan just seem to offer to them what they them selves are so unable to arrange legally in their own country. But rest assured, they foreign minister told the media they take the matter very seriously.

Anonymous said...

Love Racism Hate Music, isnt that a more apt name?, as they are all anti white and the "music" they churn out an afront to anyones ears?