Monday, 9 June 2008

If I was a terrorist

A look at how terrorists might destroy the West.
A black comedy with a serious message for Western patriots.



Anonymous said...

I'll raise a glass to that,
well said.

Anonymous said...

I would also divert taxpayers' money to finance their own destruction. Not my original idea, NuLabour's already doing it.

"AN Islamic website which backs suicide bombers got a £35,000 Government grant – a month before the anniversary of the 7/7 attacks. carries dozens of rants by fanatics on its “support group” site.

One member wrote of suicide missions: “If you can blow dozens of people up at the same time, great, absolutely great.”

And in another vile message a member PRAISED a beheading video of British hostage Ken Bigley.

It said: “I like the beheading videos of the prisoners of war – especially the Daniel Pearl and Ken Bigley one.”

But the Department for Communities and Local Government agreed to fund the group’s film on problems faced by UK Muslims.

A spokesman said: “We can’t prevent violent extremism if we aren’t prepared to talk about the issues.”

VIPs will see the film in London tomorrow, including Cabinet minister Hazel Blears.

Allah Akhbar!!!

Anonymous said...

W.A.K.E. U.P.

'you want your kid to be next?

All they did was make this kid W.A.K.E. U.P.

check the other vidieos when you get there.


Anonymous said...

If I were a lazy terrorist I would simply delegate operational responsibility to those with the highest qualifications, and invite the best bomb-makers in Dar al-Islam to come and work in Dar al-Harb's nuclear plants:

... light the blue touch-paper and stand well clear (preferably several hundred miles).

LeedsLass said...

Here are two news links which show where the sympathies of Hazel Blears, our 'Secretary for the Communities' or some nonsense, lie. In the 1st she says it makes sense to sideline Christianity and in the 2nd she denies no-go areas:

The thing is, in the Labour Party her views aren't unique. They've collectively done a very good of of running down our country.

Lionheart said...

I loved the 'thank you Jesus' part, that got me...

God bless you GA

Anonymous said...

looked at that site, what a heap of heammorhoids.
Young brains twisted beyond help.

Anonymous said...

Noticed that at Luton Universituy, they have a stall with free posters and leaflets decrying "The Facist BNP."
Not much has changed since the Socialist Workers smut-rag days then.
Being a student almost guarantees being bent towards Socialist thinking.
Time to get the message into these hallowed halls awash with lies and bullshit and infested with Socialist creeps.

Anonymous said...

Hi GA, I noticed a post about the RWB. Where did that go, or is it some ongoing thing you cant talk about yet?


W.I.S.E. U. P.

Anonymous said...

You will like this GA.

The tax thieves we have today in Westminster certainly excel in the enactment on the quote below.

Check the links for more quotes to help spur the readers on in our good fight.


"Politics is the art of preventing people from taking part in affairs which properly concern them."
Paul Valery

The Green Arrow said...

Your right Harry there was a post about the RWB but I wrote it whilst extremely angry and used language and images I would normally refrain from.

Once I have edited it and made it fit for human consumption it will be back out.

It is sometime difficult to know how far to go in our attempts to wake up the sheep people. said...