Monday, 2 June 2008

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A terrified 14-year-old killed in a knife attack begged a bystander for help as he fled from a mob of teenagers, the Old Bailey heard today.

Witness Tom Morgan told the court how stab Martin Dinnegan ran past him pleading: 'Please help me.'

Mr Morgan said he saw the petrified boy hold his hands out in an attempt to placate one of his pursuers but Martin was felled by a punch to the head.

His attacker then pinned him to the ground and made repeated stabbing motions towards his back, the court heard.

Mr Morgan and his girlfriend rang 999 and, in a tape recording played to the jury, told the operator: 'There is a white guy and a massive group of black guys who are kicking the crap out of him.'

Two men and two youths have pleaded not guilty to the murder of Martin in Holloway in June last year.

Aftab Jafferjee QC, prosecuting, has told the jury how Martin was beaten to the ground and stabbed 'in a case that moved from dirty looks to death within an hour'.

Mr Morgan gave evidence today from behind screens to shield his face from the dock and the public gallery.

He told how he and his girlfriend had been on their way to get a DVD from a rental store when the boy he later recognised as Martin, wearing a grey tracksuit and hood, ran towards them.

'He was very white faced, he was sprinting towards us and shouted: "Help me, please help me,"' Mr Morgan said.

'He ran past us on the road to my left then a guy with a black tracksuit went past on a large-framed BMX.

Grief: James and Lorraine Dinnegan with a picture of their son Martin

Grief: James and Lorraine Dinnegan with a picture of their son Martin

'He was cycling after the victim and was the distance of one parked car away from us.

'He was very dark skinned although I was unable to see his face as he was wearing a black hooded jumper with the hood pulled up.

'He dropped the bike when he got alongside the victim. Martin stood still and put his hands up as if to placate the cyclist. Martin appeared scared, very scared.

'The effect on the cyclist was almost nothing whatsoever and the next thing was that a large haymaker came from his right fist. It was a right hook and the blow connected with Martin's head or neck.'

Police investigate the scene in Islington on the night of the attack

Crime scene: Police investigate on the night of the attack

At this point Mr Morgan's attention was distracted by another youth sprinting up and shouting, the court heard.

'I looked back up the road and Martin was on the floor now,' Mr Morgan said.

'It looked as if the first assailant was leaning on top of Martin who was on his back and side facing away from us.

'The first assailant was leaning with all his weight on Martin's shoulder and upper arm pressing him to the floor so that Martin seemed to be pinned to the floor.

'Then I saw what seemed to be a stabbing motion rather than a punching motion four or five times in very rapid succession.'

Mr Morgan explained that he had not seen a knife but, as he was experienced in martial arts and disarming those armed with knives, he could identify the difference between a punching and stabbing action, which he demonstrated to the jury.

He then told how a crowd of up to 20 people aged 'between 10 and 20' started 'laying into' Martin.

Mr Morgan rang 999 at 8.38pm, telling the operator that it looked as though one of the attackers had a knife.

Martin, a pupil at St Aloysius College in Archway, died at the scene.

Rene John-Baptiste, 21, of Plaistow, Sean Clark, 19, of Holloway, and a 16-year-old from Finsbury Park and a 17-year-old from Holloway, who cannot be named because of their ages, have all pleaded not guilty to murder.

The case continues.


Sarah Maid of Albion said...

It is absolutely heartbreaking to read that, how awful that poor kid had to go through that.

What a waste of a young life.


Expereienced in martial arts and all that this yellow belly did was call 999?no wonder our nation is under threat.

Anonymous said...

How manny more before we wake up and demand our right to bear arms
Had Mr MORGAN been armed then Martin would not be dead!
Again a pack of black barbarians kill another white.
And the sheep just carry on grazing.
We never went around using them for crimes previously it's not we that have changed. when the government allow in tribes without morals then we should have our rights back.
We are becoming cowards.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Well - even if we have to wait 15 years for a BNP government, those thugs will still be in jail ... just waiting for us. :)

Anonymous said...

Will Martin Dinnegan's death attract the same publicity, public enquiries, statements in Paliament, monuments and parades of weeping multitudes of bleeding-heart liberals as that of Stephen Lawrence?

Anonymous said...

"He then told how a crowd of up to 20 people aged 'between 10 and 20' started 'laying into' Martin. "

Jesus Christ almighty what kind of utter scum is capable of doing that to another human being? My God that is harrowing to read, the poor lad, God rest his soul.

But wait a minute. I asked "What kind of scum" would do it? Perhaps the same people who can do this:

Racial Harmony In The Rainbow Nation

I urge you to read this blog regularly and read the reality of life in South Africa created by our lovely marxist rulers. It is not quite the "rainbow nation" promoted by the lying media. What is happening over there WILL happen - is happening NOW - in the UK.

Or perhaps it just might be the kind of dispicable filth who do this:

Knoxville Gang Rape

Just 4 years ago I believed very strongly in equality of the races and that all people are equal.I have to say right now that I think blacks hate. Wherever black goes the most heinous acts take place, especially if it is black against black.

It is time to tell it as it is. The people who do most harm to blacks are blacks and the people who commit the most violent, dispicacble race crimes against whites are blacks.

Time to make black take responsibilty for their own mess, time for white people to stand up for their way of life and be counted. These evil acts of violence against our people simply cannot go on.

Quite frankly I am utterly sick of black sewer culture and the coniving, duplicitous white-hating media who excuse it by always blaming "whitey".

A hard comment to write but good God we have to start making a strong stand or we are going to condemn our future generations to the horror of hades.

This is OUR watch. Vote BNP and let's get this vile scum off our land.


Anonymous said...

There's the natural savagery of negroes, and there's the brainwashed-from-infancy aggression towards unbelievers of the Muslims.

Then the icing on the multiculti cake is the British educational system that teaches negroes they are the victims of white British slavery and the Muslims that they are the victims of the oppressive British Empire.

So is it any wonder that feral packs of negroes and muslims rampage through our cities attacking any vulnerable white person they can find?

Proper education might have prevented this situation in the first place, but it's now far too late to reverse the process (gangsta and jihad culture). The only solution is internment and deportation applied vigorously and relentlessly.

Anonymous said...

Blacks doing what they do best. Behaving as if they are still in the jungle. Give us the right to carry arms, police can never stop incidents like this, they can only react to the consequences- and we all know only too well how they often react!! If we are not to be allowed to defend ourselves with firearms then at least bring back the death penalty. The knowledge that they will swing will be a very powerful deterent to these animals who can only understand retribution and are unmoved by mercy.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

They've disarmed us. Take up archery - there's some thoroughly lethal kit out there. And it's still legal.

Forget crossbows - longbows are better in every respect. Have a google around to see the arowheads available, the range and accuracy of modern bows etc.

You do what you can with what you can get. ... and that was no Morgan of my acquaintance.

Anonymous said...

I would love to give an ultimatum to all these enrichers.

"If you don't want to obey our laws then get out now. Because if you break our laws you will be interned in a re-education facility with compulsory hard labour until we can find a country that will accept you for deportation. If we can't find a country that will accept you, then you will have compulsory hard labour for life."

If any member states of the UN complain that this is unduly harsh, then they can be immediately supplied with their choice of our surplus enrichers free of charge with transport costs paid. I'm sure they'll be queueing up.

Anonymous said...

Sir henry morgan has a good point. Here's a poem to the bow.

Song of the Bow
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

From "The White Company"

What of the bow?
The bow was made in England:
Of true wood, of yew wood,
The wood of English bows;
So men who are free
Love the old yew tree
And the land where the yew tree grows.

What of the cord?
The cord was made in England:
A rough cord, a tough cord,
A cord that bowmen love;
So we'll drain our jacks
To the English flax
And the land where the hemp was wove.

What of the shaft?
The shaft was cut in England:
A long shaft, a strong shaft,
Barbed and trim and true;
So we'll drink all together
To the gray goose feather
And the land where the gray goose flew.

What of the men?
The men were bred in England:
The bowman--the yeoman--
The lads of dale and fell
Here's to you--and to you;
To the hearts that are true
And the land where the true hearts dwell.

The Green Arrow said...

Harry, thank you. I have added the poem to our poem thread on the forum and appended it to our poetry post on our blog.

Nationalist said...

Depotation to land of ethnic origin is the correct disposition for any non-native who is convicted of a criminal offence - no matter how trivial (why wait until they murder someone?)

The BNP definition of non-native is anyone whose ancestry in this country does not predate 1948. I can live with that although 1945 would seem more reasonable.

British overseas aid money and HMG's Diplomatic Corps should be deployed to ensure these undesirables are accepted in their homelands, or a nearby nation.

Clearly any British nationality they may have must be revoked and a palm-print taken to ensure they never return, on pain of considerable punishment.

This should be done humanely, eg, not to children and families should be kept together by offering wives and dependants the opportunity to tag along.

Anonymous said...

Word fail me, I am so angry and disgusted, that could have been my little boy. Yes we are a nation of cowards, ruled by our women who themselves have been brainwashed into servitude and acceptance. I hope the day comes when we fight back, better that than to watch our young and defenceless being slaughtered, and I hope even more dearly that those who have brought this catastrophe upon us are punished in the only suitable way, at the end of a rope.