Thursday, 5 June 2008

BNP and the Cockermouth by-election 5th June.

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It is the Cockermouth by-election today for the All Saints ward and the British National Party have put forward the excellent Paul Stafford as our candidate.

Good Luck Paul. Either way we are proud of you.

The full list is as follows:
  • Helen Graham Green Party
  • Christine May SMITH Labour Party
  • Paul STAFFORD British National Party
  • Alan TYSON Conservatives
  • Eddie WOODTHORPE Independent
Paul's campaign issues are under this snip from his election address:
It is my belief that logic, commonsense and traditional British values are needed now, more than ever before, in the day to day running of our local council. PC madness abounds and only a change of councillors can bring about a change of mentality in Allerdale Borough Council!
Issue 1. I stand very firmly against the "Dispersal Zone" implemented in Cockermouth. The youth of today are demonised at every turn, more should be done to help and occupy them.

Issue 2. We are faced with an endless list of local people suffering from petty bureaucracies. Decisions must come from the top and its very clear that the council is devoid of any "common sense". That is one of my strengths, along with logic, a strong work ethic and practical - hands on - problem solving.

Issue 3. The waiting list for social housing in Cockermouth is ......39 years !!!!! We have witnessed a string of planning applications that have been passed with the provision that 50% of the houses built are to be affordable housing for local people. Every time the planning conditions are "altered" later to remove that clause. I will not allow this to keep happening.

Issue 4. Cockermouths market place has been blighted by a bizarre set of fluorescent coloured plastic benches that are so out of keeping with the historic market town it can only be described as "garish". This when in the same week I attended Cockermouth Town Council meeting to see a succession of refusals to applications from residents to install UPVC windows, incredible hypocricy. I will campaign for the removal of these eyesores and a retention of the historic character of the Town.

Good stuff Paul and an example of the British National Party being concerned with local issues and not just being a one trick pony. For more information on what is going on in that part of the world why not visit the Cumbrian Patriots? Great site, great people.


Things to do instead of... said...

Prediction for tonight.....

over 15% of the vote at least and a solid third place.

britnat said...

I don't know why we're against "dispersal zones". The police need all the help they can get in dealing with yobs today.