Wednesday, 18 June 2008

So what Colour were the Sheep?

Now if that is not a "Come on" I do not know what is.

By all accounts a tall black man as been sexually assaulting sheep in Chislehurst and so vicious are these attacks, that two sheep have died. Whether out of shock or of injuries recieved as not been revealed.
Last Monday at 7.20pm, two shocked joggers saw a man sexually assaulting a sheep in a field before he ran off leaving some grey jogging bottoms at the scene.
So what colour were the victims? Were these interracial as well as interspecies attacks or was it yet again black on black?

By all accounts there is a special offer on here for your own inflatable sheep in case you live in the city.

OK. I know it is sick and I know it is serious but sometimes the enrichers just crease me up.


Anonymous said...

Maybe he read this this little gem

Kameny, 83 stated:
“Bestiality is not my thing…But it seems to be a harmless foible or idiosyncrasy of some people. So as long as the animal doesn’t mind (and the animal rarely does), I don’t mind, and I don’t see why anyone else should.”

Anonymous said...

dirty basket..yuk, test the sheep for aids. it's a bugger when even animals are raped.
England 2008 created by labour.

Looks like the constitution will be ratified....i hope a bomb blows the bloody lot of them sky high.
A POX ON THEM And their families!

Anonymous said...


I've heard of sheep dipping but this is ridiculous. At least they were full grown sheep not lambs, so the guy isn't a paedo.

Anonymous said...

this is very sad and very sick...this person should be locked away from people and animals sheep are harmless sentient beings and now they have been abused an absolute disgrace as for the comment above which suggest the sheep like it i DONT THINK SO it also said some had been injured

Anonymous said...

I have it on good authority that the sheep did not die of shock or injury. They died of shame, something which their rapist would know nothing about. Baaaa barians!! Celtic Morning

Fidothedog said...

Did they get the sheep to testify, I could make a few remarks about how ID would be difficult as they all look the same....The sheep that is.

I am so going to have to run this story tomorrow... :-)

Will give ya a hat tip.

Anonymous said...

UP Pompeii report;

Posted by The Opinionator at 19 Jun 2008, 2:33 AM and is filed under Islam in UK

A 73 year old disabled pensioner was brutally attacked, outside his own home, and beaten by a young muslim man. Ray Mills had gone outside to see why a group of 10 teens were throwing stones at his home (clearly provoking him to do so) and to tell them to stop. Undoubtedly he is from a former British mindset where such requests might be met with a few retorts from the youths but not a life threatening beating.

Mr Mills, who normally uses crutches, was coldcocked from behind by one of the teens thus leaving him vulnerable to the heinous actions of a cowardly muslim youth who proceeded to beat the elderly man with a brick. Mr. Mills was beaten unconscious and was hospitalized for two days where he received brain scans. He suffered numerous contusions and abrasions and may also have damage to his vision from the merciless beating. All the youths fled when neighbours came to the elderly man's assistance.

One cannot help but compare this incident to that of a 67 yr old man in Bradford who died (note the BBC's typical "extensive coverage of the death) from injuries received also at the hand of muslim "youths". Police believe "the pensioner became involved in a confrontation with a group of Asian youths and was then assaulted". (Undoubtedly there are more such incidences of elderly being assaulted and harmed by muslim gangs or individuals but more often then not the media appear to purposely obscure the assailants identity - see above BBC for typical example.) At even more risk are British youngsters who also seem to be purposely marked for violence by muslim gangs. See here - here - here and here for a few recent examples.

Well, welcome to Jolly NU multicultural England where our elderly and young are seen as vulnerable prime prey for mounting muslim violence - what I refer to as Street Jihad. This predatory behaviour, clearly a form of hate crimes and elder abuse must be stopped and stopped NOW - otherwise the British elderly and youths face the continuing threat of being seen as little more than an avenue for vile, hate-filled acts by cowardly muslim thugs.

****As an aside - look what this elderly ex-British cop, who worked with Oldham's Bangladeshi community as a police officer patrolling Westwood and Coldhurst for 15 years, is doing for the Bangladeshi muslim community - one wonders if he would be safe cycling in Great Britain.....

for article with pictures go to:

Have A Go OAP Beaten by Gang