Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Knock the chip off the Blackmans shoulder

This is a message from John David Manning with a message that should be shouted aloud.

What a guy. I'd sit next to him in Church any day.

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Anonymous said...

Only a black man could say that and get away with it. Good luck to the man. I just wish the white race all over the world would start to assert themselves once more, start to appreciate their history and achievements, stand up for their rights and bring a halt to taking the blame for every ill of any non white. The lib/lab/con merchants who have brought us to this sad position should be made to pay for their treachery one day.Be proud.Teach our young men and women to be proud. We have so much to be proud of. Celtic Morning.

Anonymous said...

Theres'a black guy that stands tall and takes no shit!
Don't worry mate in my book i take no blame for what we've given to the third world poverty racket but i pay no more!
Speak to me with respect you get it back otherwise a glare is all i give.
I'm proud to be English, then British and white/pink to my bones and nationalist in my views.
Well said Sir!

Anonymous said...

What a guy, and he almost hints at those who have turned brother against brother for their own ends. Just ask yourselves why every bit of legislation, every court judgement passed, is always done in such a way as to encourage the coloured person to feel aggrieved and resentfull of whites, and at the same time instilling a feeling of anger and resentent also in the whitemans heart. We are being matched up for a fight, but for who's benefit?

Aberdeen Patriot said...

He is my new hero, I would be happy to have him as my friend and neighbour. What an honest man, I am also posting this on my site Green.

What a find.

What a man.

Anonymous said...

been watching pastor manning for some time,this bloke talks sense.he knows as a christian what is love to invite him to our next meeting.he knows there will be civil world wide unrest because of socialist rulers and recognises his people have been used as porns against us the white race so islam can quietly slip in and take over.good on you pastor for standing up.

Anonymous said...