Friday, 13 June 2008

The Red Squirrel and the BNP

Like I have said before, one of the best British National Party support sites is that run by the now famous Red Squirrel, called Nut Cracking Nationalism.

If it is not on your bookmarks site then you should add it now. I have taken the liberty of embedding her first video. Thank you Red.


Anonymous said...

Hear hear Ga,tis a fantastic blog and thankyou to you both.

Anonymous said...

Ireland says NO to the EUSSR 60-40

Red Squirrel said...

Thanks GA,
Much appreciated!
And God Bless Ireland!
Down with the EUSSR!

Joy said...

Just found "The Fallen", excellent!!! There is a remnant of us Americans who are aware of the genocide of we, the White People of the world, who are exposing the treachery of the "chosen" "elites". Multiculturism is a farce, always has been. It is suicidal. Keep up the great work, spread the Truth!

Anonymous said...

It's a cracking blogg indeed GA, hilarious video too, laughter is the best medicine, to be taken often. Time we laughed these our current ruling wasterels out of office.

Looks like our Irish cousins are not as daft as some old jokes would have you believe either. Will their NO! fan a wind of change that will grow and blow like the whirlwind in Red Squirrel's video? I do pray so.


The Green Arrow said...

Hi Harry. I enjoyed the RS video also.

With regards to Ireland, one report says the "elite" have no Plan B and the other that they will just ignore Ireland and the "rule book".

Time will tell. Either way the game will not be over until the EU is as dead as a Dodo and Kinnock and Co thrown out of their jobs.