Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Why the establishment fear the BNP

The British National Partys main site is reporting on a preacher from a Black Country church who has confessed to possessing 43,000 indecent images of young children. Of these photographs, 643 of them were in the most serious category. To the BNP, all indecent images of young children are in the serious category and people who provide them should face life sentences in jail along with those who buy them.

Ralph Weaver, the lay preacher who collected the pornography is alleged to have claimed that "there is no place for the BNP in Dudley". Well he was wrong there. There is a place for the BNP in every city, town, village and home in the UK because the BNP are the people and the people are the BNP. He should pray to his God for forgiveness and also be thankful that the British National Party is not yet in government because if they were...

But consider this for a moment guys. Apart from the reason of the British National Party seeking to foil the establishment plans for a soviet style eurabia why else do you think they wish to stop the unstoppable advance of the BNP?

Because they know we will rip them from their troughs of public money and then we will open up the files, turn over the stones and look in the darkest corners to reveal just what they have been up to in the last five decades. I suspect people like Ralph Weaver will be just small evil fish in the world of paedophilia compared to some of those who still serve the establishment.


Anonymous said...

There are undoubtedly elements in the establishment who would like to promote and maybe legalise paedophilia.

The courageous campaigner Ghada Jawsheer has lifted the lid on sexual abuse of women and children by the Religion of Peace. http://terror-watch.net/media/womans_rights_islam.wmv

From about 4 mins into the video she describes the incredibly disgusting practice of 'mufa khathat' . Apparently most Muslim toddlers have this done to them by their fathers and other male relatives, who see nothing wrong with the 'traditional cultural practice'. No wonder they grow up to be nutters.

If you wanted to make paedophilia socially acceptable, then the best way of doing it is to Islamise a country. This may explain the totally lack of opposition to Islamification by the ruling elite.

Anonymous said...

Hi GA,
Hope you put him in the HALL of SHAME.
Inns Trapp