Monday, 2 June 2008

Wheel clampers beaten. Say nothing is the best.

A pair of wheel clampers were attacked and injured by a group of men after asking for £150 to release a car.

The two men working for Whites Car Park Solution had clamped a green VW Polo parked on the drive of Formula One Autocentres, in Dunstable Road.

They were waiting for the vehicle owner to return in order to arrange for the release payment when a group of five to six men of Asian appearance arrived and assaulted them.

Both victims were taken to Luton & Dunstable Hospital, one with facial injuries where he was kicked repeatedly in the head and the other with injuries to his ribs.

Their vehicle was also attacked and damaged.

PC Steve Guerin, of Luton CID, is investigating the incident which happened at about 9.45pm on Friday, May 30.

'This was a very vicious attack. We know that the victims had demanded £150 payment from the owner of the car when the assault happened, but whatever people think about wheel clamping, it does not justify what followed,' he said.

'After the assault the two victims fled on foot, and looked on from a distance as the group caused damage to their vehicle, before ringing the police. We arrived shortly afterwards, but the offenders had left the scene.

'If anyone knows who is responsible for the unprovoked attack on these two men, please contact Bedfordshire Police.'

Call PC Steve Guerin, in confidence, on 01582 394323 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555111.



Anonymous said...

Sorry but I do find it hard to find any sympathy for what are nothing more than gangsters henchmen, and you know what?, at least the muzzies dont put up with it. Perhaps if we as a nation had fought back against the criminal element that has taken over this country since Thatcher, you know those who threaten and bully us on a daily basis with letters and aggresive sinister adverts showing our cars being crushed (if they could get away with it they would show the driver inside), then perhaps we wouldnt be in the mess we are in now.

The Green Arrow said...

Perhaps if the Moslems contented themselves with just attacking thugs and crooks like wheel clamppers then things would be fine. Trouble is they also hunt down young kids to beat and sometimes kill.

ex pat said...

no sympathy for wheel clampers there is a group that operate at birmingham city f.c. on a matchday.they are brum supporters and former zulu warrior gang members and think nothing of taking away their fellow supporters cars once they have headed to the match costing them up to £400 to get the car are these thugs allowed to operate by the council ? they are all ex cons and black.

Mike said...

Good for the "Asians". The sooner clamping by anyone other than a police officer is outlawed (as it is in Scotland) the better. These parasites are nothing less than legalized racketeers, demanding money with menaces.

david said...

They deserve it. They are just legalised thugs and yobs. we should be fighting back too!

Anonymous said...

What are clampers if not extortionists and racketeers? They deserve what they get. A smack in the face and a kick in the backside is the very least they deserve. They effectively steal our cars by stopping us from using them. Then demand an extortionate amounts of money to remove the clamp. They are no better than common criminals and should be stopped. Ok some people park where they shouldn't. But the charges that are demanded are ridiculous. The sooner they are stopped from stealing from the everyday motorist the better. A few more should get a good hiding to make them think twice!